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Capillaries Bursting


So… tonight was bench night. I really focused on taking a huge breath and keeping my ribs out.

Once I got home, I noticed hundreds of burst capillaries around my eyes and on my shoulders. I suppose I must have “pushed” against my held breath too hard.

How dangerous is this?

I think if you right click on the photos, you can see them full sized.

Left Eye

Right Eye

I’ve burst capillaries in my eyes from having my goggles on too tight swimming. In fact, I did this for two days in a row. It’s nothing serious, they should go away in a little bit. If it happens often, I’d get it checked out, but an isolated incident isn’t a big deal.

It is probably Petechiae. Not harmful. Hard to tell from the pics though.

I have had it in the past from coughing too much, even throwing up too hard one day. Best thing for it is ice it straight away to restrict the blood flow to the burst vessels and then just wait out until they heal.

You should survive though.

Thats nothing.

My eyes get 10 times more bloodshot from working all day long in front of a computer like a geek. lol

That’s nice. This had nothing to do with my eyes…

[quote]4est wrote:
That’s nice. This had nothing to do with my eyes…[/quote]

Yeah, I know.

But I figured since no one else cared enough about the subject to reply that I’d throw in a pity reply.