Cap vs Titan 20lb Weighted Vest

I and looking at getting a weighted vest and I am looking at the Cap vs Titan 20lb adjustable weighted vest.

Anyone has any experience with either one?

I have a CAP 80lb vest.

What activities are you looking to do with the vest?

Mostly walking and circuits of Push- ups, Pull- ups, Squats etc.

For walking, it works. I’m 5’9 with a short torso, and I find that the 80lb vest is a little on the long side and runs into my hips. You can see it bunching up a bit here

It’s rugged enough, it has some sort of padding in the shoulders. It answers the mail. Dealing with CAP barbell was a nightmare though, but once I got the vest it was ok.

I’m actually getting an Ironmaster vest in the mail today, which I’m excited about. If it works well, I intend to sell my CAP one.

Ironmaster makes great stuff! I’ve considered the vest myself. I have the adjustable dumbbells and kettlebell that travel with me often. I currently use the 5.11 vest.

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