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Cantwell Breaks Opponents Arm


I've just seen the fight where Steven Cantwell breaks his opponents arm and is proud of it afterwards. In my oppinion that makes him the biggest cunt I've ever seen in the UFC. It was obvious that he had him but I can see how he kept pushing coz he needs to win. Being proud of injuring your opponents makes you a cunt though imho. Anybody seen that fight? Anyone agree?

Can't believe it what a twat.


Any fighter that wants to win will not give their opponent an inch. Cantwell had that submission locked...would have been a fool to "ease" up. With that in mind,any fighter that would like to continue having a career knows when to tap(especially when you claim a BJJ background). So is it possible that Hassan is a cunt as well??

As far as Cantwell's comments...hmmm...maybe he was excited about winning? It's not the first time a fighter has said something "oddly offensive" after a fight. Remember why fighters enter the Octagon in the first place. :wink:


I was trying to say that nobody would ease up and I can understand that people who enter the octagon are aware of the risks but this guy was proud of severly injuring his opponent. He said in the interview after the fight that he's been waiting a long time to break someones arm. Hassan's decision not to tap was a bit stupid in hind sight but that is impossible to jundge from just looking at the video because he knows what he can do and what the likely outcome is.

In the end Cuntwell was proud to break this guys arm and I find that completely lame. I'm impressed by how some guys beat the shit out of each other for 3/5 rounds and seem like friends straight after and that is what makes the UFC special to me. Cuntwell is the opposite end of the spectrum. I think is a douche.




Personally, I wouldn't be proud of breaking someone's limb, but man, that guy he submitted deserved to have his elbow dislocate for refusing to tap.

He probably just got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I don't have a big problem with him being happy with the end result.


I was watching the vid just now wondering why the hell his opponent didn't tap, and could totally understand why Cantwell didn't let up. Right up until Cantwell said "that was so sweet, I've been waiting so long to do that", that is. Then I had the same reaction as you- what a twat.


Hell training with royce the biggest mistake royce would point out is he did not hold the elbow and feel the bone break like a chicken wing.

Seriously Cantwell looked at the ref like does he seriously want me to break it before he did it, and the ref did not stop it.


I thought the gesturing was weird straight after but the verbal comment just finished it off. I hope the UFC recognises that fans don't want to see assholes fight.

I remember another guy choking his opponent out when the ref told him to stop and I haven't seen him in the UFC ever since which I think is good.


totally disagree. I didn't se Cantwell look at the ref and the fact that he was proud of it after suggests that your interpretation is faulty.


No reason to be glad you had to do it though, right? I mean where's the sportsmanship? Hasn't this sort of thing (the gloating I mean, I think we all agree he was within his rights to do what he did) got the potential to put MMA's public image back to the dark ages?


Hassan was an arsehole for not tapping and putting Cantwell in that position.

Cantwell can be forgiven for saying something non-PC having just won a fight.

Not everyone can fight someone then just switch off the emotion with all that adrenaline burning through their body.

This is exactly why the interviews should be in the locker room once the fighter has got themselves together, not straight after the fight.

When was the last time someone actually gave an intelligent interview to Rogan in the Octagon?

As for Babalu getting chucked out of the UFC for holding a choke against someone who had deeply insulted him at the weigh in, I think it is a disgrace that they cut him when BJJ, who did exactly the same to Jens is kept on as champ. (for the record, neither should have been cut, possible fine and suspension for both.)


There is sportsmanship, but people also have to remember this is not a traditional martial art, it staged combat, meant to emulate a fight.

Have you ever choked someone someone out or knocked them out with a punch kick knee. And been like wow that was awesome I always wanted to do that. I mean for a practitioner of submissions it is the same thing. and you never would finish that in a gym with those you train with.

It is like telling a boxer he is being unsportsmanlike for being excited after knocking someone's block off.

And letting babalu go was ridiculus, he earned a notch to me. If you are going to talk before a fight be prepared for what is coming back at you. Hell if it were football it would just be unecessary roughness.


Actually yeah, that is probably the crux of the matter. Still think he acted like a dickhead though.


I disagree- the boxing/grappling parallel is being excited to get a knockout/submission respectively in my humble opinion. Being glad you broke someone's arm with a submission is like being glad you caused long term damage with your knockout punch.


He already apologized for making those comments. He is 21 I think and it was probably the adrenaline from winning his first UFC fight. Plus he won in such dramatic fashion. But give the guy a break he was caught up in the moment.

At least he was man enough to apologize! Other than that he is going to be sick I always like him in the WEC.


O yeah and that dude Hassan said he had a background in BJJ. Come on now I saw that Arm Bar even before they started the fight.



Also with the interview, I think what makes them great straight after the fight is that they show the true personality. Look at GSPs immediate post fight interviews and compare them to Cantwell. Most fighters check on their opponent after they've knocked them out and that's why I think the UFC works.

Babalu was ignoring the referee in a situation where he could have caused serious injury, brain damage or death and you can't have a lose cannon in a sport where you can end up in a position where you are at the mercy of your opponent i.e. you're dead unless he lets go and that is the case in a rear naked...

I didn't see the BJ fight which is surprising coz I thought I had seen them all. Which UFC was that in?


Ultimate fighter 5 finale.
here is the second round

BJ didn't put him out though.

But with babalu he wa just putting him out it wasn't like he held it after.

He meant it, I respect that he didn't cower and apoologize saying oh I didn't mean it. He did it for a reason and stuck to his guns.


Babalu is a top bloke, he was training a couple of days at Roger's in the run up to a Cage Rage fight a couple of years back.

Babalu ignoring the ref was wrong, he should have been punished for it however there was definitely more to the sacking than that one incident otherwise Penn would have been out as well.

I have popped a couple of arms in training (nothing broken but steadily applying pressure after warning people that I will break their arm if they don't tap) and have to admit, I have always wondered what it would feel like to just totally snap one.

This is not about wanting to hurt someone, it's about the physics and biomechanics of why it works and what the effect is. Really proving the technique works.

I stand by my comments that the in ring interview is a pointless filler and makes the UFC look amateur. It should only be done for maybe the headline fight or a title fight. They should cut to a studio analyser when the fight finishes then cut back to an interview once the fighter has got themselves together.

Several fighters have got themselves into trouble with post fight comments and I don't think it is fair on them.


I see your points about the interviews but I think still that it reveals their true personality and it's honest. To me it's not about being PC in that interview but about the brutal honesty of the moment.

I've been in tight armbars and the pain of just having it put on is insane so I wouldn't want to do anything worse to anyone, ever. I can see the fascination of the biomechanics but that is clearly dominated by the pain it causes in my mind at least. I think it's important that this kind of curiosity is controllled by a social ego which Cantwell seems to be lacking.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to jump off a tall building but I tend to restrain myself.