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Cantwell, 500 x 5 Bench Press


This guy is just a monster... couldnt imagine how strong he would be if hed actually focus solely on training. Can't wait to see him take the gold in 2012.


That was wrong. he made that look to easy. fuck.


Anyone benching fake plates had better make it look easy, or something is wrong


It looks so much like fake weight.


The bar looks flimsy as hell. If it is real he is one strong ass motherfucker!


Well he is world shotput champion.

Those fake plates too, huh?


absolutely ridiculous strength. i'm gonna go kill myself now.


wow crazy strong but JEEZ my stop dropping the bar on your chest your making MY chest hurt...


damn man. that is insane! Look at how long his arms are! Thats so strong especially with that long of arms.



Absolute beast strength.

Why does he like to bounce so hard?


athletes tend to throw caution to the wind in lifting oftentimes. generalization, i know, but after seeing the national champion iowa wrestling team bench i realize what horsing the weight up really means.


Jeez he's so frikkin strong.


I think hes trying to stay as explosive as possible... that's what puttin is all about!


bouncing isn't explosive, it is momentum. KaBOING...he is still strong though


It seems to be something shotputters do (and maybe other throwers as well?). Case in point, Ulf Timmerman doing his thing:

Here, you can clearly see that the boucing is actually very much intentional. I've seen it before and assumed that it was for explosiveness, sort of like jump squats. I'm not really sure though, would be interesting to know more.


it basically strengthens the tendons, elastic tension is built up with a fast "plyometric" (for lack of knowledge of a better word) and stored in the tendons then released with the concentric portion. If it sits too long the energy dissipates and you lose that advantage, and since athletes focus on performance more than muscle it is a way to train your tendons to become more accustomed to bigger loads





Cheryl Haworth is JACKED.

edited to show the link. I'm an idiot.


Sounds right.


bs on the sprinter's 405 bench?