Cantona's Vision

Just some infomation about me if you are checking out my log!

I am 20 years old and have always took part in sports from a young age, at the moment not playing so much myself but coaching football to youngsters. I will be playing again soon!

Some stats people might be interested in:

Weight - 11 stone 10 lbs, I will find what this is in pounds
Height - 5 feet 9 inches
Bench press - 127.5kg
Squat - 155kg
Deadlift - 155kg
10k run - 52:35

Wasit - 31 inches
Shoulders - 48, goal is 51 to make my waist look very lean

Neck - 15
Arms - 13.5, goal is 15

Chest 38

I have lost around 14 lbs in the last year due to different things, but I have suffered several sublaxication/dislocations playing rugby so at the moment my exercises are been chose wisely.

My training is focused on performance - strong, fast and great conditioning. Symmetry - I’m not aiming to become a mass monster so if that is what you wanna see you are at the wrong place. I will upload some pictures shortly.

Here’s me at a football trial, or soccer for those of you in America.

Now you have an idea of who I am, I will type up some recent training sessions!

Monday 5th December
Body weight dips

Neutral grip chin-up
BW 2x10 and 1x5

Bent over lateral raises
5kgx12, 7.5kgx10

Lateral raises machine
4-5 sets just got a pump on

Cable curls
2-3 sets

V-bar press downs
2-3 sets

Tuesday 6th December

50 Band pull-aparts
Band external rotations
Band internal rotations

2 mile run

Wednesday 7th December

Today was legs and my hip was causing me some discomfrt so decided to mix things up

Kettlebell squats
Worked up to 24kgx15

Kettlebell swings
Worked up to 24kgx15

Leg press
4-5 sets

Back raises
3x12 with 10kg plate

Decline sit-ups
4 sets of 15-25 with 10kg plate behind head

Plate side bends
3 sets of 15 with 15kg plates

Hey buddy,

So are you planning to play futbol again?
Your goals, size and current lifts are similar to mine, so I will be following your log closely.


Yeah, that’s the plan mate.

Gonna have to start hitting the conditioning more aggressively.

Thursday 8th December

Band pull-aparts 60 total reps
External rotations 2 sets of 12
Face pulls 3 sets

Dumbell rows
Worked up to 32.5kgx10 controlled to the waist and with a pause got a lat pump on the go

Chest supported row

EZ bar curls
30kg x 10,8,8

Dumbell curls
10kg, 2x10

When does your season start? What position do you play?

Whats the plan? Im thinking about doing 2 weight sessions a week, concentrating on the big lifts and keeping it short and simple. Too much bodybuilding stuff will get you carrying un-needed weight and will have a significant impact on your recovery and readiness for game time.


Futsal season starts just after Christmas. Futsal is indoor football, with 5 on each team with some rule changes. It’s very popular in Brazil, Spain, Portugal etc, a technical game. And will be joining a semi-pro club soon enough as well.

I have always played in defence, centre back. But I can play in a number of positions.

Yeah 2 weight training sessions a week is fine in-season, something like 5/3/1 on the big lifts and minimal assistance would be perfect in-season. At the moment I have a lot of time to train so I have been hitting the gym a lot, that is why I need to get some solid conditioning work done so I remain fast and mobile. And my training split will changed to more maintaining the strength while improving my lungs. When does your season start again?

Friday 9th December
100 band pull-aparts
Lying internal shoulder stretch
Scapular press-ups

Standing dumbell military press
worked up to 22.5kgx10

Dumbell lateral raises
6kgx12, 8kg 2x8, 6kgx15

Dumbell raises - neutral grip both dumbells raised at the same time
6kg 2x10-12

Tricep kickbacks

40 reps
30 reps

Tuesday 13th December

I did some jogging and short sprints today, had some discomfort in my hip/lower back which cut it short to be on the safe side.

I will get to the gym tomorrow, get myself on the bike and cross trainer I think for some low impact cardio. And some upper body weights and a lot of stretching for my hips.

My season doesnt start for another 2 months. Preseason has started, but due to an adductor injury Im going to start sometime after Xmas.

Do you do much ball/skill work? Do you have a flexibility program/routine?


Oh I see, hope you recover well.

At this moment in time I do skill work at training sessions I coach. My mobility/flexibility is very good I stretch a lot and have focused on it for a long time from when I had sprint training and learnt the real benefits of stretching.

Hoping to start a football coaching company soon just need some info!

What kind of coaching company are you trying to start up? Like a coerver clinic?