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Hey, does anybody have any experience with this? I’m looking into buying the Bronze EZEE from Gibraltar Products. However, I’m a little wary because I’m reading on other websites that for the first couple weeks it turns your skin an orangish color before it looks tan. If anybody has taken this I’d appreciate some personal experiences with it. Thanks.

PS For those who have no clue what canthaxanthin is, its a product that you take orally that makes you look more tan.

I am pretty sure there was a part of an article on this stuff saying it was bad news, right here on t-mag. It seems familiar to me. Do a search and maybe it will come up. Or try broadening it to tanning product or something like that.
Good luck
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found it, it was in an old ganf of five article

“Canthaxanthin © hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the past ten years. It still gives you an orange look. The orange hue of C can’t be altered. Additionally, case studies and animal studies over the years have reported that C can cause retinopathy. This noninflammatory eye disorder can lead to loss of vision with time. C can also be hypercholesterolemic (at least in rats), but further analysis reveals that the increase in cholesterol occurs in the HDLs, so this would be a good thing. C can also decrease LDL oxidation and has anti-tumor activity. Of course, all of these benefits can be obtained simply from eating fruits and vegetables?and you won’t have to worry about losing your eyesight. Bottom line: get your tan naturally, if possible, and use a sunscreen.”