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Cant Workout...What Else Could I Do?

 Hey whats up everyone! I just joined this site and I am really really intrested in working out and getting healthy BUT there is something holding me back.

 I have a wrist that has been broken for almost a year. I did not go to the doctor when I first broke it becouse I never broke my wrist before so I dident really know. Now I am waiting to get surgery and after surgery and me being able to fully use it and everything im guessing its going to take about 6-8 months. Untill then what can I do to prepare for when I do start working out?

I am not FAT or anything but i'm kinda chubby. I weigh 185 punds and I am 5'11. Most of my body is fat I guess. SO what are you guys suggestions on what I should do. I know I should eat well and everything but I know nothing about eating well and dieting.....maybe you guys could lead me in the right direction and everything!


If the wrist is totally unusable, do exercises that don't involve it
1)bodyweight squats progressing to single leg squats,

20leg raises, ab work in general

30single arm deadlifts (yes the weight will be light as you will only have half the grip still it will give some work to the posterior chain) progressing to 1 arm, 1 leg deadlifts

4)light work for the usable arm, DB's BB's etc

When the wrist is healed enough begin rehab and be diligent, once its healed enough full range of motion is the best recovery aid

my 2 cents , best of luck


Another idea: Run. Go out and do intervals on the track, hill sprints, fartlek runs whatever. All kinds of abdominal excersise can work to. One of the most important body parts is the core so start working it now.
Dr. John Berardi has some great articles for beginners nutrition.

hope that helps


I don't see why you couldn't do squats with your arms hung over the bar. It will limit the weight but at least its something.

Also, you could buy a pair of ankle cuffs to wear on your wrists to do cable work for your upper body. Ill try to find a picture of what I mean.


Heres the closest thing I could find to what we use. They have them at our gym, and we use them for training knee strikes, but I don't see why you couldn't use them on your arms on a cable stack machine.


There's a whole forum devoted to Suppliments and Nutrition here.


You can also find about a kazillion articles by the best in the business. Just poke around a bit.

\|/ 3Toes

PS, try not to say 'and everything' too much. <:-0)


Thanks for everyones advice...I really cant work out though becouse I dont know If anyonehas ever had a cast but I had to wear one for 2 weeks to see if it would help and it dident. Wearing a cast is a pian! and im going to have to wear one for about 4 months. I dont want to sweat that much and stuff thats why Im not trying to work out yet....I think im going to look into the nutrition right now though.


Okay, what you need to do is start sprinting. Keep the distances under 100M. Also, do some bounding and repetitive jump training. Along with one legged squats, this should do it for the lower body. You can also do some GHRs or one leg hyperextensions, both weighted of course.

For the upper body, don't worry about it too much. If you keep a strong arm drive in sprinting it should help your development some, or at least maintain what you have.

For conditioning, run 400M as quickly as possible keeping 90 seconds between sets. Do this until you're about to puke. Build up your tolerance over time and try to do another lap whenever possible.

This may not seem like much, but you can become one hell of an athlete and build an attractive physique without ever touching weights. Just remember, in the sprints(non-conditioning), stress quality over quantity and allow yourself to recover fully.


Ive had casts, braces, slings, wraps, you name it. I haven't missed more than a week in almost 3 years.

Your excuse is that having a cast is a pain and you dont want to sweat??? Have you ever lifted in your life? I understand what its like to be new, but something tells me you lack the motivation to ever be worth giving advice.


Zercher squats?


Dude, if you have never really worked out before, you may as well just work on your nutrition and general level of leanness.

I mean, it isn't like you'd have built anything that will be lost by taking a break.

Then, by the time the cast comes off, if you choose not to work out while wearing it, you'll be ready to start working out and putting on some mass, and you'll have leaned out already ahead of time.

It sort of goes against the flow around here, but if you haven't started yet... what's the difference if you wait just a bit longer?


NO im definetly not makeing excuses.....if youve worn a cast then you should know exactly what im talking about....i only had it for 2 weeks and it started getting hot and everything if im going to have it on for 4 months and i start sweating in it its gona smell horrible and im going to be itching in it like crazy.... i think i am going to be working on my nutrition and once im done with surgergy and the cast is off and i recovered and everything then im going to start working out.


There's that 'and everything' again.

\|/ 3Toes


Everything you just said sounds like an excuse to me. But then you do what you think is best.


They're going to make you wear a cast for four months and not even change it? What kind of a doctor do you go to? I broke my wrist playing hockey once and they changed the cast once in the month or so that I had it on. I'll admit, though, the fucking thing stank like ass from sweat and it turned kind of yellow (it was a white fiberglass cast).