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Can't Workout - Back Injury


As it turns out I have a back inury which seems to be a lot more serious than I thought. I've been on a long waiting list for an xray now, but I've been advised (by non-professionals) that I may be out for anywhere up to another 2 years. After an initial visit to the doctor's, it seems that it is a muscle problem, rather than a bone or nerve problem (hopefully too). But until I can get some definite physio programme and doctor's/physician's advice I think it'd be best to just stay out of the gym for a while.

I picked up this injury in February, and avoided weights for a bit - then in May at some point I went back to the weights, and by doing incline sit-ups with a 5kg powerbag, totally fucked up my back again. The worst exercises are not squats and deadlifts, but are actually things like leg extension, sit-ups, leg press. Then squats and deadlifts are probably the second worst.

So until I can get some professional advice, physio and possibly even a chiropractor, I'd like to ask if anyone knows of anything I can do in the meantime, to stop my physique going to shits. I was 83kg in March, then I decided to cut-down, partly as a result of this injury, partly because I was quite fat.

I got down to 76kg and was very lean, but then in May I tried returning to weights and couldn't do anything - now I'm down to 70kg and I can't see myself bulking up any time soon. At the moment all I can do is press-ups and bodyweight squats. Anyone know any more I can do? I'm feeling far too skinny right now and I'm slightly worried I'm just gonna drop further if I can't do any kind of exercise...


Can you add any further information on the situation?

How did the injury occur? What symptoms do you have? Any pain shooting into your legs? Where specifically is the pain localized? What is your training history? What is your other injury history? What have you done for self treatment (any rehab, ice, NSAIDs, etc)?