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Can't Work Legs for a Few Months


As the title states I can't work my legs for a few months, this is due to the bad DOMS I get working lower body interfering with hockey. I don't particularity like this so my question is are there any leg exercises that you have found to work well while not creating much soreness?

Note: "Coach I can't skate Saturday I worked legs this Wednesday," is not a good excuse so no-one suggest working legs hard anyway.


Not every lower body day has to wreck your body to be effective. You could easily change up rep/weight schemes or lower the volume to get the work in without frying yourself. You could do 5/3/1 and start with a lower weight than he suggests, say 80% of your projected 1RM and go from there.

Or if you are already doing 5/3/1 then just get the reps on lower body days or only push it one week out of the cycle.


Try this:

(A) Powerclean + front squat for 10-15 fairly heavy singles with less than 1 minute rest between reps.
(B) Sumo (but not super-wide stance) deadlifts for 3 or 4 sets of 6-8, keeping the weight light enough to be fairly explosive and drop the weight fairly quickly on the eccentric. If you aren't comfortable doing sumo deadlift, just do regular, but be sure to emphasize driving with legs and hips and not back.

This is a basic in-season workout I do with some athletes I train. In fact, we will do that workout the day before games, as many of them feel even more explosive after doing that workout since it does not stress the low back much and does not emphasize any heavy eccentrics.

You aren't going to gain a ton of leg size doing that routine, but you can at least maintain strength and possibly even increase your explosiveness a little bit, which can help when you are able to go back to more hypertrophy-oriented lifting.


Thanks for the advice and jtrinsey I will definitely be trying that it sounds fun.


Do some exercises that promote the concentric portion of the movement, with a fast eccentric. It will reduce your doms - a bit.


If you're getting severe DOMS, you're either very new to weight lifting, or you are doing way too much.

If it's the first, you'll adapt pretty quickly, and until then, it's just a matter of working through it. Foam rolling works wonders.

If it's not that you're new to training legs, then you're likely just doing too much. Seriously, some of the best programs out there for athletes have a leg day that looks like this:

Back squat: 5x5
Glute-ham raise: 5x5
Prowler: 5x30 yard pushes with 90lbs.
Foam roll

And that's it. You don't need 10 exercises for your legs if all you're seeking is an increase in athleticism.

Other things to consider are lowering your volume; unless you're pounding a ton of carbs peri-workout, high volume stuff is generally too taxing for athletes such as yourself. Also consider a deload week if you feel like you're never fully recovering. Keep doing what you do for hockey, and just do your weight training with less weight.


Seconding the suck it up DOMS will go away motion.

I just keep on a low reps high weight scheme to limit fatigue. I've deadlifted and squatted 4 hours before a hockey game with no real ill effects. I try to schedule leg days 2 days before games\directly after but if I can't it's no big deal.

If you're playing pretty seriously you'll probably want a hockey specific workout routine and those are all about legs. The guys in the NHL lift 2x a week IN season and they are playing way more games than you are. You should be able to workout legs and lift about 3x a week in season.

This is something I saw from one of the Sharks trainers:

Foam rolling and dynamic warm ups

Day 1
1) Explosive lift (Power Cleans, Kettlebell swings/snatches, jump squats)
2) Back squat or front squat)
3) Chins
4) Glute Ham Raises
5) Barbell row

Day 2
1) Explosive lift (Power Cleans, Kettlebell swings/snatches, jump squats)
2) Straight leg hamstring (RDL/Good Morning on 1 or 2 legs)
3) Bench (DB or barbell, flat, incline, decline)
4) 1 leg squat (lunge, bulgarian split squat, king deadlift, pistol)
5) Shoulder press (DB or Barbell)

Then there will be some days of sprints or other conditioning work.

Are you in college? They should have you on a team run program 3-4x a week anyway.


Ehh I've been training legs consistently for quite awhile now, and I still get leg soreness that makes stairs/getting up pretty uncomfortable for 2-4 days afterwards. Like I wouldn't be able to run. And its not from high volume either lol. For example, my last leg workout was just 3 sets heavy squats and 2 sets of 20 squats. And some calf raises. Yet here I am 3 days later and getting into and out of this chair is a hassle.

If OP is anything like me I don't think he should expect his DOMS to magically decrease in the next few weeks without changing his routine.

I do remember trying smith machine squats once and even though I pushed it as hard as I normally would, I was barely sore the next day. Maybe you could try some kind of machine squat or leg press and you would not get as much soreness


No, im not in college just a high school sophomore and have been training somewhat seriously since freshman year but only since summer have I been busting my ass.

I wouldn't say being new to working legs is my problem because although my numbers are not that great( 265 squat 1rm, 225x6 squat other max) I do go very low in my squat close to atg when repping.

I'll try some machine stuff see how that works.



Cut out alot of your volume, and higher frequency.

PM Hungry4more, he does this. He can help you.


Warm down properly and stretch the shit out of your legs post workout.

Casein hydrolysate/MAG-10 postworkout