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Can't Watch Plummer


I cant watch the Broncos squander their 21 point lead as Jake Plummer looks like he is lost. He has missed 6 completions in a row. Sometimes the Broncos can almost give me a coronary. My BP must be 200 over 120 right now. I just wanted to vent.


Giants won again. Yea bitches.


You can breathe easy now...

...until the next game, that is.



very good game. I also come very close to having a heart attack watching these games. The Broncos just can't seem to show up for the entire game...at least for today's game, they only took the 3rd quarter off instead of the entire second half as they have been.

Plummer keeps impressing me every single game. He just seems to get better and better and more athletic and smart with the ball. Not throwing an INT in what, 6 games? That's pretty damn good.

Giants are looking very good...Shutting out the 'Skins in an impressive win. They're still the highest scoring team in the league aren't they?


Yeah, there's nothing worse than watching a shitty QB. Did anyone check out Tommy Maddox filling in for Ben Rothlisberger two weeks ago? Now THAT was the biggest pile of shit I've ever sat through. Him fumbling the ball and turning it over, then somehow getting another chance and blowing it throwing by throwing an INT, I just about threw my TV through the window, seriously.


I don't remember a season where the competetition in the league has been so tight. Of course, it is early in the season, with exception of a few teams, and the cream hasn't risen to the top yet, and the turds haven't sunk to the bottom.

I don't think the NFC East has a team with a losing record, Central a team with a winning one.
Then you got some teams, looking phenomanal one week and terrible the next. Washington for instance, blew out SF, scoring 50 some odd points, the next week they get spanked by the Giants. The 49ers, in turn, come back to beat 5-2 Tampa Bay.

I still pick Indy to go all the way, but besides that, I really couldn't tell you what teams are the powerhouses.


I thought it was safe after they absolutely dominated the first quarter and when into halftime up 21-7 so I fell asleep. Then my friend calls in the fourth and they are only up 7 and the Eagles are driving. So I tune back in and they rip of three quick scores by that awesome group, Bell Bell DeVoe. Sorry I fell asleep and almost let it slip away and gave you a heart attack.


I really think you could see the Manning brothers facing off in the Super Bowl this year (yeah, I know Bill Simmons wrote that this week), although that's totally dependent on if the Pats get healthy.


If you think Plummer is the one who is going flat in the second half, your a moron. I don't know what it is, but it's not just Jake.
It seems like the entire game plan changes when they get that lead. Also, seems like the defense forgets how to tackle. It is weird to watch them right now, as they are a good team, but they just can't put a whole game together.



I saw it, and as a die-hard Steeler fan, it made me physically sick. But to be honest, I think the entire loss was Cowher's fault. He is the one who gave Maddox the starting nod in the first place (in spite of the collective groan coming from Allegheny county); then, after Maddox showed that he didn't have command of the offense, Coach Cowher kept him at the helm despite having a more capable back-up in Charlie Batch. I'm not even going to touch the fact that Bettis was not used at all in the 2nd half, as that speaks for itself.

People wonder how the Stillers can have, year in and year out, one of the most talented teams in the league, and yet fail to win the big ones. I think the Jacksonville game showed why.