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Can't Wait Till February


Is it just me or does the winter olympics get you pumped. Maybe its a Canadian thing. Is anybody going to Torino? I know I will be glued to my TV like Rita Macniel on a pork roast, trying to catch it all, even curling. lets Lets not forget hockey...

I'm drawing a blank here but who won mens and womens hockey at the last winter games?

I have met a few olympians over time and it is always an honar. Canada has some great medal hopefulls in alot of events. Win or loose it always makes me proud.

February here we come. By the way, this is another reason to make me proud... My boys!


oops....one boy!


the other....sorry


[quote]Harley_63 wrote:
I'm drawing a blank here but who won mens and womens hockey at the last winter games?

You.. you're kidding, right?


Its a Canadian thing.


Sorry 'bout The Rita thing


Your kidding that im kidding right?...of course I was.


Curling is not a sport, period. Do these people look like athletes to you?

                  tin can


Oh I agree...they are not atheletes but niether are Golfers..some would argue the definition of sport though. I'm not saying I would, but some would. If i had to define in my terms, I guess my defintion of sport would be an activity that people compete in that requires a combination of physical and mental skill.


Wait. They have Olympics in the Winter?


Curling, either in or out of the squat rack, is awesome.


But no m8, I think its you, I don't give a shit. And in my mind the greatest skier ever will always be "Eddie The Eagle."


You gotta love Eddie the eagle...who still holds the world record for the Biggest balls!


I admire Eddie the Eagle. He was treated like a bufoon by the press but he had more guts than any of them.


I ram across some info on eddie... i see he is doing great.