Can't Use My Arms

I had a surgery about three weeks ago. The past few weeks have been the worst of my life. I’ve lost about 25 lbs. It seems like I have almost no muscle left and to make it worse I’m not aloud to workout my upper at all for the next 3 months.

So I was wondering if there were any leg good leg exercises that dont require me to use my upper body. Squating is out of the question. So is anything that requires me to use my uppper body in any way.

answer: Hip belt squats

You didn’t lose the weight because of the surgery unless they cut off both arms. Look at your diet first.

The best I can to is tell you what I did when I had surgery to repair a torn labrum and biceps tendon. I used bodyweight squats and walking lunges quite a bit. As my shoulder healed, I added resistance to the squats by standing on a band and looping it around my neck. Put a towel on the back of your neck it it gets uncomfortable. Use your imagination.

As far as the weight loss goes, I know it was hard for me for a while to eat like I should have. Dealing with the pain and pain medication made eating seem like a chore. I drank a lot of homemade shakes. I would blend either bananas and peanut butter or blueberries with whole grain oats, milk, and protein powder. Again use your imagination and experiment.

Would this happen to be cervical spine surgery or something related? I had lumbar problems and surgery and was able to work around them but when my neck went, forget it. It’s been three years since I started down that road and I still am nowhere near my former size in any muscle group. At its worst, even calf raises put too much strain on my neck…
Good luck to you. All I can say is experiment as best you can without doing yourself harm.