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Can't Understand What I'm Doing Wrong


ok im 30 male 6foot 200 lbs approx 16% body fat (according to the gyms body fat tester/ had grip thing) calipers are ordered.

ive been active all my life playing sports in h.s. and been going to the gym for years but im just not getting the results i want and cant understand what im doing wrong. as far as nutrition goes i was carb depleted and cut carbs out for 6months and saw minimal results other then being tired, lack luster workouts and being crabby. the diet was totally clean and another gym goer i was talking to said "im not gonna see results with that diet cuz your body goes keto and goes into starvation mode and stores food as fat." now this is my current diet

breakfast (6am)
1/2 cup steel oats 1/2 cup egg whites 1 whole egg

protein shake 46g protein 3g carbs 2g sugar

6oz tuna steak 1 cup broccoli 1/2 cup sweet patatoes

6oz chicken breast 1cup green beans 1/2 brown rice with ground sirloin 95/5

after the above meal i bike for an hr and have another shake

5-6 weight training

6oz filet fat trimmed off 1 cup vegies 1/2 cup quinoa

in bed by 10pm and back at it at 6am

thats my diet i dont snack now to be honest i've been on this for the last week. prior take out all the carbs and that what i was eating for the 6months. i mix it up but my point being im eating good foods and not carbing on oreos and chips.

im not stuck on a number i odnt use a scale i go by look i just want a certain look and to be training like i am i dont get why i cant get down to 8-6% and get the look i want. days i dont bike i run.

im not sure how many calories im eating and not sure if it really matters i plan to track every thing tomorrow i have a food scale to get more specific. any advise would be great


Do you currently lift weights?


supplements i take is

fish oil 3000mg with all shakes

cla 3000mg

ala 3000mg

the cla and ala are taken with meals


"You cant manage what you don't measure" is a popular business statement I like to apply to my training. Start with what you have proposed above and READ, READ, READ! Check out nutritiondata.com in regards to tracking your caloric intake.



yeah i started trying the V-Diet work out to just change it up and try something new?

but before it went like this

monday chest

incline bumbells 4 set 5rm

flat bench 4 set 8rm

flat close grip 4 set 8rm

decline 4 set 5rm

tuesday back

deadlift 3 set 4rm

bent over row universal bar 3 set 8rm

lat pulldown close grip rev grip wide grip 3sets 8rm each

seated row 3 set 10rm

wed off

thursday legs

squat/ claf raise 4 set 8rm

hack rack 4 set 8rm

seated push press /calf rais closed toe wide toe 4 set 4rm

leg extension closed toe wide toe extended toe 3 sets each 10rm

hamstring curls 3 set 8rm

seated hamstring 3 set 10rm

friday bis tris shoulders

hammer curls 3set 8rm

preacher curls 3set 4rm

universal bar curl 21 20 19 18 17 ect

tri extension 3 set 8rm

dumbbell skull crushers 3 sets 10rm

dips 3 sets to failure

seated mil press 4set 6rm

lateral extension 4 set 8rm

bent over palms away extension 4 set 8rm

shruggs 3 set to failure

again i started to do the V-Diet work out to change things up but the above WAS WHAT I WAS DOING?
why no results? lol



thanks that site looks great with what my activity level is what should be the amount of calories taken in is?

in regards to the hr of biking or running according to my heart rate monitor i avg rate is 145 and burn 1200 calories on the bike or 1600 running however sometimes the run goes a lil long like 90 min.



thanks for the site that is awesome and really puts things into perspective now only if i understood what all this means. lol

ok so these are my daily totals

calories 2,463
fat 73.3
carbs 170.6
protein 291.0

26% fat
27% carb
47% protein

as far as goals go i just wanna lean out with out loosing muscle im 6 foot 200lbs 35inch waist 44 inch chest. 16% body fat (according to the gyms hand grip calculator) for the amount of bikeing/running and weightlifting i do i should be ripped.

keep on as much muscle and cut down to 6-8% body fat without looking like an Ethiopian runner (not that theres something wrong with that, it seems pretty functional for what they do)



i have been on this diet for a week i know not to expect to get in this sort of shape over night, but does this sound like im on the right track, do i need more calories?
should i not be eating that late?
should i be cutting carbs after a certain time?

just dont know where or if this is a good start. thanks for the help and advise people.


You've only been doing this a week? You can't really be "stuck" in only a week.

Ditto to Modok, evaluate your progress, and adjust as necessary.



That last diet is what I've been on for a week. I did the other zero carb diet for 6 months and didn't get very impressive results. I have always been told to loose weigh cut out all carbs. A guy at my gym said I was dieting wrong xuz I didn't includ fats into the zero carb diet. And by not taking in carbs I put my body in keto and halted my metabolism. Not sure how true that advise was.

The new diet plan above is what I have been doing for a week I am just curious if this a good for cutting? I'm still new to bulking and cutting. Or at least doing it properly. The 6 months prior left me with lack luster work outs and always tired. Now with this diet with carbs I'm getting allot better work outs I'm just hoping Im on the rite track to cut body fat. Totally not expecting to cut 8% in a week. Although that would be nice.


Macro sources look good. Continue to count your calories and measure your results via mirror and scale. Make adjustments as need, but be sure not to over do them. Once you've got that down, you can start exploring other strategies such as fasted, steady-state cardio, intermittent fasting, nutrition timing, thermos, etc.



thanks i just wanna make sure im on the rt track.


just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help im just tired of ging to the gym and not seeing any results. no point in going if im just going through the motions id like to see some gains and cutting so again thanks everyone!


Oh and mreyes, PLEASE don't trust that hand-held bioelectric body fat measurement tool at the gym. IT IS PROBABLY WRONG. It had me at 7 percent when I know I was at least 14-15%. Hell I didn't even have abs, there was no way I was 7%. Those things are crap.