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Can't Understand 5/3/1 BBB

cant understand how to actually read this workout? anyone wanna help? im used to stuff like fierce5 Novice routine where you alternate 2 workout until you cant progress

Buy the e-book. The original where it’s laid out simply and doesn’t assume any prior understanding.

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I’m telling you man. Those 2 links I posted has EVERYTHING in them. It’s literally filled with gold.

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I understood 5/3/1 BBB off the 5/3/1 article that wannabe posted, and the article I posted. That’s exactly what I used.

If you still don’t get it, you should get the book.

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You mean this one?

Good call.

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And this one, in his other thread about the same thing

Am I missing any sarcasm here? :joy:

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I don’t understand :cry:

Idk man, it’s probably just me. Nevermind lol

Has nobody here heard of the Blackironbeast 5/3/1 online calculator… It literally spits out the entire program for you down to the actual plates you need to put on your bar…

Google it, I’ll wait.

When I first started 5/3/1BBB I found the actual 5/3/1 part confusing because nobody knows how to explain it properly. It is a painfully simple program to understand if you just use the calculator.

Putting aside the fact that this thread is long dead, the calculator is only useful if you first understand the principles.

It can give you sets and reps etc. But it can’t tell you whether the program you’ve made makes any sense at all. I use it as a way to avoid using a calculator, having already run 531 for many cycles, and extensively read 531 and beyond.

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It’s generally considered poor form to advertise a website that’s ripping off a program creator ON that program creator’s subforum.

I found Jim did a pretty good job of it in 5/3/1 first edition. Same with second. And Beyond.