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Can't Train Quads

Since I tore my lateral meniscus on the right knee, I can’t train my quads, but p-chain work like RDL, GM, GHR and reverse hypers is ok. Is there a probleme if I continue training my p-chain without training my quads (like imbalance, pattela tracking…). Thanks!

Yeah, same with me bro. I tore my lateral collateral ligament, and it hurts like hell I squat, so I can’t train quads either (it sucks because I wanted to cut this summer). I hope someone can give us some advice.

My patella tendonitis is so bad that I can’t train quads. If I train them for even a week, my knees flare up. I would say it’s been at least 6 months - maybe longer - since I’ve seriously trained quads. (I do some light stuff like Bulgarian split squats and lunges, but no heavy front squats or back squats.)

My quads aren’t as big as they used to be, but my legs still look impressive and I still have to make some effort to find find 33" and 34" jeans that fit my legs.

So, yeah, you’ll be fine doing dead lift variations, etc.

Oh, and I have never encountered someone who had an imbalance between their posterior chain and quads. Never. I would be shocked if anyone has ever met such a person, as no such person exists.

I’ve also never met someone who has an imbalance between his back and chest because he did too much back work. Where is the guy who has spent years doing chin-ups and rows but not doing bench presses? On an island with Bruce Lee, Elvis, and the guy who has spent too much time training his posterior chain.

I would go so far to say that if, for the next two years, you limited your leg work to dead lift variations, GHRs, and threw in some occasional step-ups and split squats (we’re talking using little to no weight), you would never develop a problematic imbalance.

Glad to hear it, thanks Cali !