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Can't Train, Now What?


I dislocated my knee the other day, physical activity is a pretty big part of my life.

The physio has told me to stay out of the gym(for the time being). This has left me with a considerable amount of time during the day/night to fill, since I can't work(physical job) and am pretty much limited to stuff I can do around the house.

I've been watching a lot community(tv show) but sadly almost finished every available episode. Anyone got any sweet recommendations?

Anyone got any good book recommendations?(thinking of picking up Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base)

I don't think reading any books about nutrition or body building will help the situation(watching training videos, has me crawling the walls).

I do play video games but haven't really been motivated since the psn outage.

Since I can't really do stuff I'd usually do to kill time, I'm after some things I can do while pretty much stuck at home.


If I dislocated my knee, I would probably get a lot better on the bench. Just sayin'.


I don't know how much pain you are in, but i was in the gym same day i had knee surgery. With crutches, and sometimes a bit of help from friends/training partners, i was able to train chest, shoulders, back, arms, basically anything i could do sitting with my leg straight. It was not easy, and it probably looked retarded, but i was able to train.


Hm...despite the fact that your PT told you to stay out of the gym, you could certainly train your upper body no?

I tore my ACL and am awaiting surgery. I train pretty much everything I can that doesn't cause pain or too much discomfort. Just sayin'


I'm pretty sure that advice is given "due to insurance reasons," as in, they don't want you to risk doing something that would involve your injured part(s).


Jerk off more than usual?


Seriously, why wouldn't you just train upper body?


Get on that upper body training like a piece of steak. No excuses.

I dislocated my shoulder last year and for nearly 2 months trained my lower body 3 times a week until I got sick of it...




1 - I'm not in pain, my leg is just incredibly stiff
2 - I'm doing what the physio says so I can recover as quickly as possible
3 - I don't know what you guys do for workouts but using My legs play a big role in almost every body part I train. From stabilising myself when benching/shoulder pressing to doing deadlifts and bent over rows.

It may not be hardcore to wait until physio says I can train again(he specifically said no gym at all) but I don't want to end up the 40 year old guy who's knee keeps popping out of place.

I'm seeing him again in three days and am hoping he says I can train upper body again.


thats what been helping me keep my sick forearm size.


If you want to read some good books here are four of my favorites, actually its a pair of pairs.

"The King must Die" and "The Bull from the Sea" by Mary Renault. These are about the hero Theseus and are just... epic. If you aren't hella into it by the end of the first chapter I'd be shocked.

"Winds of War" and. "War and Remembrance" by Herman Wauk. World War Two Historical Fiction of the awesome sort.


I wish borders didn't go bankrupt. Might have to order these off amazon, cheers.


I broke both my ankles and dislocated both my knees man tearing everything and I was still squatting 135lbs for reps. Why not do upper body?

I hope people get my humor. Unless everyone posts at the same time pretty much each post say the same thing lol.


I understand that you want to do everything correct and according to your doctor, but if you can sit at the computer and type in this thread, you can sit on a bench and do lateral raises, shoulder presses , chest press variations, curls, kickbacks, shrugs, maybe even pulldowns. You might not be able to get any pressure/leg drive, or even get very stable, but its still better than just submitting to the inevitable atrophy


That's a pretty lame excuse. You can't tell me Hammer Strength machines require a lot of input from the legs. Bottom line: you can easily find a way to train around this, and I would wager most people posting in this thread have experienced your situation in some form. For me it was a herniated disc, which meant no squatting or deadlifting for several months...but I sure as hell found a way to do something.

Also, keep in mind that your PT is likely treating you as if you are an average schlub, since that's where those long recovery estimates come from.


seriously dude.

You can't think of anything else to do outside lifting? Then maybe this injury is good after all. You'll find what to do with your life.


very true, thats why I'm hoping when I see him he says I can go back, he knows I'm a body builder and he was one himself(that's why I'm seeing him).

I'm not expecting to be out of the gym longer than a week or two but going from lifting 7 times a week to 0 is a pretty big shift. I don't like taking time off.


Why is everyone here giving training advice? The OP is clearly asking for porn site recommendations.


Fishing is a great way to kill time, between getting out on the water and reading up on fish.