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Can't Touch the Matador

Hey T-Nation been lurking for a couple years and ready to start a log on here to track what I hope to be a long log full of gainz.

I will start with where I am currently and some background on my lifting career.
Age 22
Weight 165
Height 6’
Big 3 lifts
Bench 185x1
Squat 225x2
Dead 315x1

I have been lifting off and on (mostly off) since high school. Unfortunately I never really seriously kept with it until two years ago when I did stronglifts for a couple months. I started to actually notice improvements to my, at the time, near constant achy knees and was really sold on lifting up until my knee started feeling perfect. But I guess it worked so well I decided to stop doing it because after a couple months I pretty much stopped following any workout plan and just sporadically squatting and benching.

Then in August last year I hurt my knee and ankle on my left leg playing basketball (note to self don’t try to block a dunk at the rec). This got me back in the gym in September trying to use the squat panacea again but found my knee wasn’t ready for that so moved to high handle trap bar deadlifts. This worked perfect along with 45 degree back extensions and in 3 months I hit a 365 lb pr and had no pain in my knee. Then due to some unforeseen circumstances I lost gym access till a couple weeks ago. So here I am looking to kick ass this year.

As far as my goals, for size I’m shooting for weighing around 185-190 by the end of this year. I don’t have a specific goal physique wise since I really need size everywhere, but definitely trying to stay fairly lean while adding that size.

As for strength goals I want to really improve my squat and bench numbers. I have the goal of a 405 squat and 275 bench by the end of the year.

To reach these goals I’m working out 4 days a week using an upper lower approach right now.

Day 1 Upper
Bench 5 sets 1-3 reps
One Dumbbell Press 2 sets of 15-20 reps
Trap Bar Dead 4x8-10 reps
Incline Dumbbell Curls 2 sets

Day 2 Lower
Hang Power Snatch 5 sets (no more than 3 reps)
Squat 5x3-5 reps
DB Split Squats 2x15-20 rep
45 degree back extensions 4 sets
Decline sit-up 3 sets

Sorry to hear about the knee injury. Had my fair share, most of them on the same knee.

And welcome to the logging world!

First workout of the log (Pretty Excited)
Upper day
Date 2/17
Bench 5x1-3 reps
45x20 65x5 95x5 135x2
145x3 145x2 145x3 145x3 145x3
1 DB press 2x15-20 reps
20x20 20x15
Trap Bar Dead 4x8-10 reps
135x10 135x10 135x10 135x10
Incline Curls 1 set
Basketball 2 hours

Overall great workout, had some issue setting up my second working set on bench and couldn’t stand it and had to put it back after 2 reps. Everything else was great the trap bar deads definitely needed to be heavier since those were almost high pulls the way they were flying up. On a basketball note today was the first day in a long time I made somebody fall and I got two ppl today. Just had to brag about that a little.

[quote]Seachel_25 wrote:
Sorry to hear about the knee injury. Had my fair share, most of them on the same knee.

And welcome to the logging world![/quote]

Thanks Seachel hopefully I can keep up with the log. And I feel your pain literally with the knee troubles. I have broken my left patella, developed pretty severe osgood-schlaters on it, and have had tendinitis on it at various times. Needless to say on any given day I may wake up and it will just decide to be swollen and awful , or perfect and ready to jump through the ceiling. It’s very hit or miss especially when I’m not lifting.

This is random but it is my log so I’ll do what I want. Here is a vid of my pr 315 lb deadlift from last year. This is actually my favorite lift so far in my short lifting career. I will try to add some pics to establish my starting point for the year and some other lift vids as I get them. I’m always open to any advice especially from the many bigger, stronger, and more experienced lifters on this site.