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Cant throw a ball

I’ve trained bb for a while and never had any problems except some forearm.

I was pitching for my bro (threw a ball once) and my shoulder became mega painful and I couldnt throw at all that day anymore. I havent thrown a ball for years before that. It’s not painful now (healed in a day) but im scared to throw a ball. What’s going on, should I do more rotator cuff exercises or what :<

I haven’t played baseball in a while, but throwing a ball as hard as you can out of nowhere has a tendancy to mess up your shoulder. Everytime I see a “see how fast you can throw” game and I do it, my shoulder is a wreck.

I doubt rotator cuff exercises will help.

Either don’t throw as hard, or ease into it the way pitchers to, and warm you arm up slowly over time.