Can't Tell if I'm 2A or 2B. What is the Difference?

I never read about a2 but when I did I think I’m.more of either a2 or 2b…
What is the main difference between them…I’m.atill people pleaser !thought it applies to only 2b but now I know it applies to a2 also…

Hi, look thibarmy’s youtube channel, their neurotyping playlist

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The thing is I’m close to nothing types …I’m for sure type 2 but csnt tell which type

Do you love pump work like a 2B? Do you love performance work like a 2A?

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CT has said many times if your score is fairly even, you’re a chameleon and, therefore, probably a 2A.

I have updated the system after a deeper review of epigenetics.

There are two 2As and two 2Bs subtypes.

The 2A “actor” is the one who can easily change his personality voluntarily based on the situation or person they are with.

The 2A “passionate”, like me, is someone who is driven by passion/interest. His best personality will come out only when he has an emotional buy-in into something. But when that happens they will want to learn everything about it and really live it.

The 2B “artist” is emotional and creative. He loves the stage or putting himself at the forefront . to garner admiration.

The 2B “confident” is emotional but more introverted and doesn’t seek out as much attention. He is better one-on-one and is the best friend you can have.


Hi CT, have You updated type 3 too? I have always felt like I have some 2B in me and I am wondering if there are some type 3 sub-types.
Thanks for sharing your research!

I see myself as someone between “Artist” and “Confident”, there are times I’m one or the other, I guess it has to do with my moderate levels of acetylocholine and depending on serotonine level change I can be
withdrawn or forefront

I have the AA genotype for COMT (rs4680). That would be considered slow?

I often find myself getting really into a new subject, activity, interest, etc., but usually it’s short lived. About 2-3 weeks. Occasionally something will stick for longer like lifting has and listening to podcasts. Is this reflective of 2A passionate?

This sub-type stuff is super interesting! Definitely looking forward to more information and curious if 1s and 3s also have sub-types.

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I know this fasting doesn’t make me stressed…but once I eat something soth suger it makes me craving food so bad…I like to be feel the pump and the lactic acid in my muscle and I love to show off my hard work and my muscle every where I go…look like a lifter make most of my personality… I love when someone ask me for advice about lifting and my personality shine there …I change on how I speak act and my personality change depending on the person… I’m shy and not social but once I know the people I’m sitting with I m usually fun and friendly…when I get left out of something like event or a game…I get angry …I Don’t like to make decisions but I over think every thing even if it doesn’t matter…when I lift heavy it makes me happy too…but I think cuz I get to show off that too…friends tell me I’m not friendlg but once they know me I’m so friendly…not sure I’m type 2b or 2a…I also know I love to change workouts alot…haven’t stick to a plan for 2 years Lol…cant stick to same diet for more then 3 days…I did keto…fasting… iffym…made good gains from every thing but I csmt stick to it !

I love both !:man_facepalming:t3:

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LOL So do I so I guess that doesn’t always explain things.

“You can, of course, have traits of other profiles. Around 70% of the population will have a clear dominance, with one category scoring significantly higher than the four others. In around 20% of the population two neurotypes will score relatively similar. Whereas 10% will have three or even four scores which are very similar. In some of these cases the highest score isn’t always the dominance, and when you have 3 or 4 similar scores it is more often than not indicative of a 2A type, which is a social cameleon. Which is why in most cases the test will be accurate and representative of your type but in some more complex cases a more thorough evaluation might be needed.”


2B “confident” - a.k.a. ultimate wingman

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How do u know for sure

There’s a test for basic neurotypes. That and reading the example and profiles.

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Yep, good call

What’s the main differences training wise between Artist and Confident?

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Not sure that helps clarify it further for me. I have all of those traits except 2B artist. However I’m very artistic (if that has anything to do with anything) but I don’t care about the attention. At least consciously. Testing said I was a 2A so I’ll I’ll just stick with that and call it close enough. Not sure what that says about my brain chemistry though? Maybe I’m highly mood or situation dependent if I identify with multiple subtype traits?