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Can't Take a Hit


Ok so the other day I guess I pissed off this guy and when I saw him he started punching me out of no where. I couldn't even fight back. After the first hit I was just in a daze and by the last I was on the ground knocked out for a couple seconds (or minutes? all I know is when I got up he was gone). So ya concussion and ive missed a couple workout days which pisses me off the most.

So my question is, how do you develop the ability to take a hit?

I am probably going to see him again soon, and I wouldn't be suprised if there was a fight again.

Another problem is that I am actually sort of afraid to hit him. I know if I do he won't forgive it and he'll escalate things the next time. One of my friends was telling me he was looking for me with a baseball bat until his gf took it away from him.


ok what exactly happened? give us more details as to why you got your ass kicked. i recommend that you get a bunch of your friends and literally stomp this guy out. unless you want to just keep taking beatings b/c sounds like this guy won't stop. nothing is really going to prepare you to take a hit better..but i guess now that you got yoru ass kicked you know how it feels so it won't be as bad next time(better not be a next time). but if you're not the type that wants revenge..then you can always just go to the authorities the next time he wants to brawl.



(my first ever, hopefully they're still acceptable around here)


what exactly did you do to piss him off? We need more details, also his height/weight and nationality might help.


ummm ... I suggest u find him and beat his ass lol better to give these things then receive em ?


Nationality might help? I hope you are kidding. If not, explain yourself.


WTF does nationality have to do with anything?

More details would be good though - you could take up boxing or something and that could prepare you for getting punched in the face.

I'd never been punched and actually got one of my friends to smack me once just to know how it feels - we've all done stupid things ok...


Ok he is white, quite a bit smaller than me (I'm about 2 inches taller and 30-40 pounds heavier...he doesn't bodybuild although it sure as hell didn't seem to help in this case.)

The reason for this fight is so silly I didn't even want to post it. A huge group of people got together and thought it would be fun to have a water fight. Me and some friends were doing a drive-by-spraying on a group of people and I happened to hit him. I wasn't even aiming at him and told him that but he didn't care.

My friends won't touch this guy because he is friends with them too.


I'm pretty sure it's because when messing with minorities you are more likely to end up with a gang after you. He's white, but I wouldn't be suprised if he showed up with a gang if I hit him anyways.


you can either take a hit or you can't....no training in the world can help with that.


Wtf? How old are you? And why are minorities more likely to be in a gang? I hate PC just as much as the next guy on T-Nation, but that was retarded to say.


Kill him.


Ok he has a point either you have chin or you dont!!!
But I would take up boxing it teaches you how to hit, minimize damage from being hit, and how to avoid hits. Trust me if you think you hit hard take up boxing after a while you can break sum1's jaw almost on demand ( bout 75% of the time) TRUST ME
another thing is tell his ass 1 on 1 and its done with after see if he agrees if not then curb stomp the fuck and if he still comes back for more then KILL him!!! lol i was serious though about the curb stomp!!!


Yeah I wouldn't buy that for a second. If you've never been hit before then it was probably quite a shock, on the flip side, are you really going to train to take a hit?

Studying boxing is a good idea cause it will teach you how to keep yourself protected but as someone else said why not learn how to dish it out??

I study/teach martial arts and in retrospect I wish I had found a wing chun teacher, that looks like some very cool bad ass shit and from what I've seen part of the regular training is being hit.




You got knocked the FUCK out!


No shit!
And I bet you deseved it by spraying people with ANYTHING. I'd have kicked your ass, or tried, as well.

Dude, learn your lesson. Appologize and end it. Your fault. Accept it and consider yourself lucky you didn't have a bat to the head.


You cannot I repeat cannot train to take a hit.

Technically you can't even train to be used to taking a hit.

First all hits have variables including your actual reactions to them which will ad another variable.

You may train to actually know what its like to get hit but thats about it.

You got sucker punched and knocked the fuck out.

Now you are like a adolecent child on here wanting to know what you should do.

there are only two things you should do either accept you got assaulted and humiliated and move on.

Or get off the message board and file a complaint against the slob for assaulting you.

There is no other answers sneaking around and laying in waite will only land you in prison or get you killed and eating crow is a bitter onerous task but at least if you have more than one active brain cell you have quite a lesson to add to your experiance bank.


Yeah, he needs some training in self-d, for sure.

Most important thing is to learn to recognize when an attack is coming. Unless its a snipe or assassination, you definitely can see when someone is ready to strike. I've been in martial art for many years and I can see the tension build in a guy's demeanor and body before he strikes pretty easily. If you can do this, sidestep and front kick his leg. In general, your kick is about 4 times stronger than your punch, plus you've got a shoe on (try steel toed shoes too). With any luck at all, you'll break his leg.

Since you don't have years, your best option may be to hunt HIM down. You should only do this if you know he intends to harm you again. If he's going to let it go, so should you. Don't escalate the situation.



kick him in the nuts while screaming "let go of my purse!"