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can't stop cutting

I just recently did a cutting cycle with a strong prohormone and the results were great. But, I’m still cutting for some reason! It’s about a week and a half later and I’m still loosing fat. I orginally cut from 185 lbs with 10 % BF to about 185-187 lbs and 8 % BF. I just lost about 5 lbs more which (though I need to get a test) would bring me to possibly under 7 %. What is going on? My power gains are still cruising along normally. I’m looking even more trim, even though I still have that dam midsection chub (just a little bit now). I also plan on doing even more cardio to stay lean and compliment my weight training. I’m 180 lbs now and my goal is 200 or more with 7 % BF or lower. That goal looks further and further away all of a sudden. Should I start over-feeding again? Lastly, my formerly non existant vascularity is popping out all over the place. It’s beginning to look pretty sick.

I’m sorry. For a second there, I thought you were complaining about getting too lean… oh wait, you are. Can’t say I feel sorry for you. Anyway, why fight it?

If you’ve reached your cutting goal and want to start bulking, then do that. Besides, why be fixated on 200 when you could be 190+ change and even leaner than planned?

True Tyler, true. I’m not complaining so much, I’m just worried this may dip into my LBM if I don’t adjust something. I also do not want to be below 5 % BF as I am performance oreinted and feel weak as hell when I get too low. This is amazing though! And to think I once weighed 165 lbs and around 20 % BF. You are right, if I can make it over 190 lbs with this BF % I’ll be pretty happy with myself. Though I still want to shoot for 2 bills or more in the future. I need to just balance out my diet for maintaining levels. This cut has got my metabolism cooking so I’m going to have to refigure my needed caloric intake all over again. Oh well, shouldn’t take too long anyway.

Dude, not really sure if I understand your problem.

You’ve been cutting, you’re now happy with your results, and have a satisfactory BF% to build on. As you say, you don’t want to dip much lower, (unless you’re competing or some such) or else your performance and general well-being will suffer.

So WHY do you say you are further from your goals than ever!? You’re perfectly PRIMED for a mass cycle!

My suggestion would be to maybe take a week easy for recuperation, eating around maintenance and getting your s**t in order with regards to proposed training plan (a few suggestions- GVT, OVT, anti-bodybuilding, HST, Supersquats?) and diet protocol (massive eating? Get Big diet?), ready for an awesome mass gaining phase. If you work hard, why can’t you hit 200 in just a few more cycles?

I would bet there are a lot of envious mf’s out there- sounds like you’re doing great dude, so count your blessings, and get it on. Good luck, and keep us all informed of your progress. SRS.

SRS I haven’t tested BF % since I lost the additional 5 lbs. I’m just afraid I may be loosing LBM. Yes, though I absolutely agree! I’m very pleased with the way I look as well. I didn’t mean to give everyone the wrong idea. I’m just very greedy with my muscle gains. I like to keep all the LBM I can, all the time. I’m not a straight up bodybuilder so much. Just an athlete that wants to look good naked. And I do… I’ll chill out. Forgive me.

 What a waste of forum space dude. Make up your own fuckin mind. Wanna trim down? Then you dont need to change a thing. Wanna bulk? Then eat for christ's sake, and dont add in more cardio. 
 Geez, you'd think fellow t-men would have an ounce of common sense left in their brains. No wonder we all get a reputation for being stupid.

PS I’m already doing the anti-bb program modified a bit. I actually started it while I was cutting during the last two weeks. This is where my power gains have been coming from recently. All the money moves are moving up as much as 15% every week. I know this won’t continue but the power is intoxicating (that’s the athlete in me).

Diesel, you must be one of those people that think you can only do one or the other at a time. I agree with Poliquin- he thinks you can do both at the same time. I actually did if you pay attention to my post. So, were is the balance? Are you going to go too extreme on your cuts and loose LBM? I think that would be “stupid”. I’m trying to find a middle path here since I know it exists. Why bulk, then cut, then bulk, then cut? It seems easier but I’m guessing that for some it actually slows down the process. I actually lifted a lot and did very little cardio for that cut. Of course you didn’t know that. Oh well, lets all put each other down and just do the same exact thing to gain our physiques. We’re all “stupid” anyway, according to you.