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Can't Stop Being Hungry

I’m currently slow bulking on TKD which is a type of keto where you eat some carbs before workout to get the benefit of improved performance. Keto is supposed to decrease your hunger and on top of that i’m fasting for the whole day but my hunger doesn’t simply stop.
I’m 196cm 100kg right now and i’m eating 3200 kcal and i eat all those calories in one meal quite easily and still don’t get satisfied. My macros are about 200g protein, 240g fat and 30g carbs.
I’m trying to save all my calories for just one meal so i can get that satisfaction but it doesn’t happen. I see so many people that have trouble eating 3000 calories over 2 or even 3 meals. I think it’s kinda crazy that i’m using all the tools that people usually use for suppressing hunger(Keto, IF, Calories over maintenance, one meal a day, …) and i still feel hungry. I mean i can easily eat 5000 calories in one meal and i don’t eat garbage at all, i always have at least 700-800g vegetables + good quality source of protein such as chicken/beef/fish. I don’t “drink” any of my calories either. Don’t really understand what’s going on, most people think i’m joking when i tell them about this.

you can eat 5000 calories in a single meal from lean meats and veggies?

I mean my meals are pretty similar from day to day basis, 700-800g of veggies (broccoli, spinach, cabbage, …), meat (chicken, beef, fish, egg), dairy (greek yogurt, cheese, …), i sometimes throw in some sausage or bacon but this is it for the most part.

I am also always hungry.

Did you have a question?

Maybe because you’re starving yourself all day? If you dont break fast in the morning and wait till the afternoon to do it, I have a suggestion: try bullerproof coffee. Coffee+MCT oil+Ghee butter. The “creator” claims the MCT oil helps your body go into ketosis and help feel satiated. My in-laws have been following a keto diet with the direction of Dave Osprey. Father in-law has lost 10lb in a month and mother in-law has lost 5lb this week.
It might be important to note that the father in-law had lost 40lb before starting the “bulletproof” diet so he already had his training, recovery, and diet on spot.

ALSO how much water are you drinking? Drinking more can help with hunger sometimes if you aren’t drinking an adequate amount

Edit: father in-law is 42 (or somewhere near it) and mother in law is 40 (or somewhere near it)

Yeah, are you on keto and IF at same time, eating all your calories in one meal and still hungry? doubt it.
But seriously extreme obese people with eating disorders can’t overeat on keto and here i don’t even feel like my hunger is affected.

No, the opposite. I eat a ton of food all the time and am still hungry. There have only been 3 moments in my life where I ever felt full.

Again; did you have a question? Or is this more like a diary entry?

I assure you that whoever told you this does not understand basic science.

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Hmmm, heard of bulletproof but since i didn’t want to waste my calories on drinks, i never gave it a try but i will do it, see if it helps. Water intake varies day to day but i would say between 4-6 liter per day depending on activities, thanks for your input though.

Alright, i was looking for someone who have experienced the same because it is really rare.
Nobody told me that, there are tons of really obese individuals who switch to keto and lose weight without actually even counting or watching what they eat because they can’t eat as much or don’t get hungry as much as a result of absence of insulin spikes. I know that there is no magic in keto and it all comes down to calories but it’s a lot harder to eat high amounts of food on keto, maybe not for me but for 99% of people.

This is entirely different than the statement you originally made; surely you realize that? Those individuals definitely still can overeat on keto, they simply chose not to.

You do not have this luxury. You unfortunately need to learn to live with hunger. However, you are not alone there; many people are also hungry because they have the option to be hungry or fat.

alright thanks but man it’s gonna get really ugly when i start my cut with couple hundreds less calories than this.

I’m having a hard time picturing a single 3200 cal meal, never mind a single 5000 cal meal. Finding it hard to believe.

I told you that people think i’m joking, i will just copy my meal from yesterday night:
ground beef 90/10 510g
whole egg 456g ~ about 7 medium eggs
2 chorizo sausages ~ 100 g each
lettuce 522 g
cherry tomatoes 97 g
fresh spinach 75 g
greek yogurt 200g
fresh mozzarella 125g
mayyonaise 50g

219 g protein / 248 g fat / 21g carbs

It tends to be. Once you live with enough constant discomfort, you can set it as a baseline.


Loved that phrase, thanks once again.

I’ve heard similar complaints from folks on OMAD, and experienced something similar when I did the Warrior Diet. In both cases, it was incredibly hard to stop eating at night.

I currently do TKD using a 16/8 protocol and it manages my appetite far better. And given I train in the evening, I can still back load most of my calories which suits me as hunger rarely an issue through the day.

Finally, it’s important to point out it’s not actual hunger. It’s a craving you’re talking about, so it’s about managing them not being physically hungry.

Are you sure its just cravings? If your blood sugar is lowish with ketones, and you turn down the ketones I think it is going to make you hungry. Blood sugar can drop on a ketogenic diet, but the combined mmol/DL for blood sugar plus ketones usually stays around 4.5-5.5. If your glucose is sitting at 4, with ketones at .6, and then the ketones get kicked down to say .2 it would probably have an effect similar to a lowish blood sugar. You may even get a blood sugar crash from a large meal after fasting because the insulin is going to clear blood sugar so well.

Jesus, why?

Could it be the guy is 6’4, 220lbs, and is eating maintenance calories? If I was training hard I would be hungry to.

Why don’t you just eat more?