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Can't Stick with Diet, Need Help


Good day all

This is my first time I do topic so I hope it will help me and people , I have suffering from being in a dite that because my work routine always change from shift to another and I work around 10 hours a day I can’t reach the gym usually and that put me in a disappointing , so I quit from my dite and start just work out 3 day a week using powerlifting method
I want to get shredded I am 30%bf please help me guys I am always busy I haven’t time for preparing my food so you know that fast food always my solution please any help guys to stay confidence and feel better with a good dite to shreds my body

Thank you all & peace be upon you


You either need to learn how to bulk prep your meals when you do have time or spend extra cash to buy quality “fast” meals.

I always find it amusing that when people have no time, they manage to make pizza their choice and not a grilled chicken salad…


There are plenty of template diets on here. Pick the one that suits you BEST, I.e that you can stick to 90% of the time. The good news is the fat will peel off with little effort to begin with given 30% BF is quite a high starting point.


Learn how to cook and make time to prep your meals. Neither are hard.


You work 10 hours a day. That gives you 14 hours to lift, Prep meals and sleep.

If you sleep for 8 hours thats 18 hours of your day gone but Good news is you have 6 left. You have plenty of time to prep meals and go to the gym.

As arnold schwarznegger once said “you can have results or excuses not both”

Also there is plenty of big, strong people on here who have shift work ,yet still make it to the gym such as @MarkKO. Cut the excuses and get to work. Goodluck.


Just sounds like you are lacking motivation my dude. Get up 15 minutes earlier to prepare your food or prepare a weeks worth and freeze it. 30% body fat to shredded will take hundreds of hours of cardio, lifting and prepping. You either dream about it or you do it…


Thanks bro but always find the gym closed


What gyms are in your area? Are there any 24/7 gyms . If so definitely join them. Also find the times the gym is open and make plans for it. Man even if you can only make it to the gym 2-3 times a week you can make progress. At 30% body fat just cleaning up your diet alone will drop some fat.


Thank you all really appreciate your help

I’m lacking of motivation you right but I am in country where you won’t find gym open 24 hours they open only 12hours so I usually can’t reach it
Or they close while I am working out so that really put you disappointed

Really appreciate your support brothers


Bodyweight workouts work too. Running, riding a bike, swimming, are all great forms of exercise . Or maybe look into buying a cheap barbell and power rack and making a home gym.


Yup, at 30% you need cardio and you dont need a gym to do cardio, before or after work go for a run or a bike ride worry about building muscle when you have lost a bit of body fat if you dont have time for both. When you start seeing results it will give you motivation


Go to the Tnation part of the website and read any 5 articles on fatloss training. also read some articles by Beradi and Mike Roussell for diet


You don’t need motivation, you need to stop accepting whatever excuses you have and get on with it.


Thanks man

I have bought some dumbbells barbell and bands is there any method to loss fat without cardio I mean without going outside to run or swim ?


Sure is, eating fewer calories.

You may enjoy more interesting conditioning like playing a sport or carrying heavy stuff around or dancing or any number if possibilities.


My advice is lift before your shift while the gym is open and you have energy. I’m assuming (and maybe I’m wrong) that you get at least one day off each week. There’s plenty of diet outlines on T-Nation and all over the internet. Pick one, prep all your food on your day off, and then bring it to work. Even if you’re only eating one or two healthy meals per day, that’s an improvement from eating fast food for every meal.

Start small. As soon as you start to see progress, you’ll have all the motivation you need to continue improving. Good luck man


Main tips from me when someone says this:.

  • When you go food shopping DO NOT buy crap period. Don’t even have it in the cupboard for desperate times or a “rare treat”. If you don’t buy it you won’t eat it.

  • Always cook extra portions and refrigerate / freeze them. If your fridge freezer is always well stocked with healthy tasty meals you’re good.

  • Always have fruit on hand. Can help kill of a sweet craving.


Gym isn’t open and need to lose weight? Do 100 burpees a day until you can finish them under 12mins. Get right down there chest to ground and jump up on each one. Zero cost. No space requirements. No weather issues. Open 24 hours a day. Give it a go and let us know the results.


Thanks you all really appreciate your help & support

Now I am working on it and you really pushed me to work



Thats great! Let us know how it goes.