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Can't Squat Properly


I’m looking for some advice on my squat. I really struggle with getting decent form. I lean forward a lot and can’t seem to ‘sit back’ without feeling like I’m going to fall backwards. I know I have to sit back but despite all my attempts to do so I can’t seem to physically manage it! I’ve been trying box squats lately but I’m not sure they are helping as I think I just bent forward into these too. I’ve uploaded a video.


First thing I would try is to STOP reaching out in front of you.
That is naturally going to pull your body out of alignment.

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Try widening your stance some and yes, don’t reach forward.

You may find this helpful…

Depth is a squat is desirable, and definitely something to work towards. However, if you’re initially having trouble with form try just squatting down to where your upper legs are parallel to the ground. When that feels comfortable, increase your range of motion.
From the video, it looks like you could be opening your hips a little more and widening your stance. Try pointing your toes so they’re just on the outside of your knees, slightly wider than your shoulders.

I was recently trying to teach one of my teen boys how to properly squat. I tried to show him proper form etc. and he just couldn’t get it. When watching his form I noticed he had a weak core and as much as he’s tried he struggled.

What I had him do is take a 10 pound dumbbell in front of him as if he was going to do a front squat and told him not to let his knees go over his toes. I had him sit down on a bench and stand up over and over again (basically doing chair squats until he got used to it. It only took him a week of doing them daily to strengthen the proper muscles to do it without a bench. His hand eye coordination skills are terrible so this method has been by far the easiest way for him to learn. Hope this helps anyone reading this.

Practicing front squats helps. Depending on your height, limb proportions, and femur to waist ratio, a deep squat with the back vertical will be hard to obtain without hurting yourself or struggling pretty much ever. And that’s perfectly fine. As someone mentioned above, do your best to squat to parallel, and then work to a deep ass to grass squat. If you have longer legs than your torso, you will bend forward regardless, espeacially as the weights get heavier. That’s just how it goes. Keep your chest up, eyes on a steady target, and neutral spine.