Can't Squat/Deadlift...

Hey T-Nation, I need some help.
I’ve been lifting for about a year or two and my right ankle has been killing me. Whenever I deadlift, squat, or do any other leg exercises, my right ankle hurts (not during, but after the exercise). The thing is, my ankle only hurts when i put pressure on my foot or when I’m walking. (the area that hurts is around the bump on the inside of the foot. it also hurts whenever i roll my ankle around, especially when i make the bottom of my foot point towards my other ankle if that helps).

it got to the point a few months ago where the pain was nearly constant and it swelled up. i went to the doctor, got an xray, and the doctor said it’s because i have flat feet, so when i left my ankle rolls in (only my right i guess, my left never hurts. this might be because i unconsciously put more weight on my right because it’s stronger). i followed his advice and put an insert for arch support in my shoe. and i wear converse chuck taylor’s so the shoe isn’t the problem.

my powerlifting friend has no clue what’s wrong, and i tried to look up possible causes/solutions, but it seems there are few or no people with the same problem. i figured that since you’re well versed in physiology and weightlifting, you might know a solution that my doctor/friend might not know. anyways, if you could give a suggestion or something it’d be great because i’d love to keep squatting and deadlifting.


Try a different shoe. Get a high-top designed to support the ankle. The benefit of a flat shoe is lost if it creates a level of dis-comfort that prevents training.