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Cant Squat: Adductors WAAAY Too Tight!


seriously, i can barely hit parallel with my feet in any position because it just hurts too much if i try to push through it.

i found this article by Joe DeFranco. 'The Agile 8'
is this the kind of thing i need to do? or are there any other exercises / drills you would recommend?


Thanks in advance.


Yeah, I was going to advise pretty much the same thing, though I'm sure Joe's version is much more thorough.


i found this aswell.

do you think thats all im gonna need?
from now on in, is it just a case of being consistant with these drills and given some time ill get flexible enough to squat properly?


Search around this channel for some good info http://www.youtube.com/user/ (sanfranciscocrossfit)

Key points, you need to get your body pliable with foam rolling and other soft tissue modalities, get your body grooving good movement patterns through mobility drills, and then work on loading the patterns.

Something to shoot for, is to be able to squat to depth with enough hip and ankle mobility so that you don't over compensate for lack of mobility in other areas which can cause injury such as your lower back.

Read up on Dan John's swing article and learn how to hip hinge properly to get your lower torso moving in alignment with your hips to help carry over to your squat

This is just general info, but it sounds like your not in any position to be loading up your squat, put some serious work into these drills and keep us posted on your progress