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Can't Sleep


any of you can't sleep at night. i've got to lie in bed for an hour or so before i can actually fall asleep. (sometimes more) and it really pisses me off. because i wake up at 8.30 every morning, whether i want to or not. and it's freaking 2am in the morning right now and i wanto sleep so bad. any tips on how to fall asleep?


You tried ZMA?



Sorry that was a weak response. Some of the regular things you can do is avoid caffine up to 6 hours before bed. Excercise in the AM if possible not in the PM. Some people skip carbs at dinner. Carbs can make you sleepy so maybe a little could be beneficial, especially if it's adding a couple hours of sleep for you at night.

Also turn the TV off or turn it on something boring. History channel, science channel, anything that you have a litle interest in, but you aren't going to be engrossed with. I usually do this and fall asleep during the first commercial break. Set your TV timer to 30 minutes or 45 minutes so it shuts off automatically.



i dont sleep, best tip is to go to bed and get up at the same time Every day including weekends, eventually your body will get use to the new sleep cycle and you'll get off to sleep at the time you want to, might take a month to get there though.


One more thing I heard is to kill all light in your room. Clockface, little light on the TV, little light on the smoke detector, anything. Pull the shade and drapes, hang dark towels over the windows if light is still seeping in. It's a little weird, but damn if it doesn't make you feel rested in the morning.



the messus bought me one of those lamps that fade out over about 30 minutes and fade up in the mornings before the alarm. i was skeptical at first but they really help you drift off and you wake up a lot more naturally refreshed too.

i agree with V too, ZMA is good stuff.


id advise you to work up the dose of ZMA and find out what works for you, i tried what the label said and couldn't wake up the next morning.


I take magnesium, calcium, melatonin, and 5HTP to help me 45-1 hour before bed. There's some stuff at costco called Super-Sleep which worked great as a substitute (already contains melatonin, 5HTP).


X2 on the light thing.

I worked midnights for a few years and my room was black as I could get it. What I do to control my clock radio brightness is take an old pair of nylons(my wife's you cheeky fucks) and stretch it over the radio. Glare be gone.

Ear plugs. Don't think they are just to be able to stay asleep. They can also help you get to sleep...very quiet and calming.

I just started to take the rez-v. I will reserve my judgement on this until I try it a few times more. I will say this...the dreams I get are just as freaky as my ZMA dreams.


Ive had sleep problems on and off for a few years now, and its mainly triggered by stress. I knew it was stress because I'd try to go to bed after doing stuff for school or my sports club and my mind would constantly be racing. If you feel like you're in the same boat find ways to de stress. While this might seem lame ive been getting into reading philosophical books and its helped me gain a little bit of a better grasp on my stress.

Just a little advice from someone else with some sleep problems.


'SAY GOODNIGHT TO INSOMNIA BY GREG JACOBS is the best book I've ever read about sleeping well. I had trouble for years and now I sleep great.

I also take melatonon, drink celestial seasonings teas (sleepy time or tension tamer ) and occasionally take an aspirin .

Hope that helps


Can't believe no one has recommended sex. If you can't get any, try sending out the troops, fleecing the ram, buffing the bishop, waxing the carrot, ironing out some wrinkles, etc.

This is the best way to "clear the mind".




I second most of the advice here.

And if it doesnt work and youre as fucked as I am/was, go to the doc and get some ambien.

Not for every night, just to set you straight every week or so.

It has worked wonders for me, and I take it about once every 10-15 days.

Its nice to know if there is any doubt Ill be able to sleep before something important or in a situation that causes me to stress - Ive always got the nuclear option.


Rub one out?


i hate it when i cant sleep..

happends on and off..

the worst thing is falling asleep right after work

then i cant sleep till 4-5 in the morning and i get up at 7


Melatonin is very helpful, just make sure it does not interact with any meds that you may take as it is a hormone. Also if this has been going on for a long time get your T levels check as low T interupts sleep. If you watch TV in bed try to take it off as it can excite the mind. Rubbing one out or fucking certainly helps as well. I have issues with sleep and if I am tossing and turning one thing that seems to help is actually getting out of bed for a while and just go somewhere else for a lil while, constant tossing and turning makes things worse.


Melatonin works for me (3mg 1/2 hour before bedtime) - doesn't work for everyone.


As a long time insomniac, I had no other choice than to obtain prescription sleep meds. They help me to fall asleep, however, I don't sleep for long. I'm usually out by 1030 and up at 4, if not earlier. I greatly appreciate the little I get, as when I sleep for longer, my body is out of sync. For you, I would try a lot of the environmental tips, as well as trying to turn your mind off. That stuff actually does help a bit. Good luck to you.


Read a book before bed.
Do something to calm down, quiet music, book, tv on low volume. Anything really as long as you do it with the lights off or very dim.

Absolute silence may help some, but I found a constant noise like a fan or a sound machine helps me better.