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Can't SLEEP!!!!!!


So it has been almost 2 weeks of really really bad sleep. For some reason I feel tired yet once I lay down on my bed at night I can't seem to fall asleep. Finally after a few hours of laying there like an ass-hole I manage to fall sleep yet wake up a few times during the night. The first few days I would get home from work and lay on my bed and immediately be knocked out, it seemed to help with energy for my workouts but now after a few days my body just needs a good night sleep.

At this point my performance when lifting(Olympic weightlifting) is buried very deep down the shit hole. I'm still making it to my training sessions BUT I'm more asleep than awake during training. I went to the doctor and all she said was "bla bla bla" anything you can find on the interwebz when you type in "can't sleep"....waste of money. I got this prescription sleep aid pill from my friend since the doctor didn't want to give me any. I had a better night but nothing extraordinary. I also tried Tylenol PM but it didn't do much.

Anyone has any ideas??? ANYTHING that will knock me the fuck out for 7-8 hours so I can return to normal?


Rub one out.

/end thread


Drink large amounts of alcohol.


how many consecutive weeks you been training? do you take scheduled 1 week rests? i suggest you take one full week off training no football rugby or what ever sport you like, just relax for a week that should help.


you have a few options
1) rub out out as mentioned above
2) read T-Nation until you fall asleep on your keyboard
3) drink milk
4) smoke weed

i usually go with a combination


The key to a good nights sleep is not the amount of hours you get but a perfect routine.
If you go to bed and wake up at exactly the same time everyday you will recover.
Ibet your getting into bed routine is all over the shop.Also trying to go to sleep with shit on your mind dont help at all try and clear your thoughts and souly focus on relaxing.
Seems like shit advice but give it ago as i used to struggle with sleep no amount of tabs would sort me,they would knock me out the first few times then i become sort of immune to them.My advice is how I came to sort the problem.


My problem was never getting to sleep, it was staying asleep and getting into REM sleep. I tried ZMA, worked for a little while. What is working best for me now is magnesium combined with Valerian Root. Natural and cheap. If that doesn't work, get a 5th and drink it WHILE rubbing one out.


I'm not sure if your sleep is being affected by events in your life, but I went through an experience like you a few months back.
I do have a bottle of Z-12, and I can say that it does help me get a better nights rest, but I do not use it on a daily basis. Just whenever I feel I need to wake up fully energized.

What has helped me be able to go to sleep quickly and without waking up in the middle of the night is one of those black sleep masks for your eyes. They may not seem masculine or whatever, but it was recommended to me while I was having sleep problems, and I couldn't believe it actually worked. It's just a suggestion since they can be found relatively cheap at any local market.


Buy some ZMA,that shit will knock you the fuck out,it's good if you're training intensively aswell.Seriously man,I've never taken it but the all the senior lads at my provincial team,Munster,are told to take it religiously before bed every night.It's highly recommended in rugby anyway.


ZMA and Z-12.

Z-12 is the shit.


A good magnesium supplement knocks me out; though I do not recommend taking too much at one time. Sleep aids will treat the symptom, but you should really try to discover the root of the problem.


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