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Can't sleep while dieting


I am starting to diet for a show in October. I have done one show before, but I don't remember this happening. Right now I am 207, 6' tall, and down to <9% body fat(checked 1.5 weeks ago by BMI, and I am a little leaner right now). I am eating low carbs cyclically (100g-200g-300g-200g...), and that is the plan for the next 4 weeks. I am taking Hot Rox, but I take the last ones at noon, so that should not affect my sleep. Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone have any suggestions?


Yeah, hot rox in way late day messed up my sleep, but I also take 2nd set around noon and don't have any issues anymore.


  1. Get a baby in your house, especially one that wakes up in middle of night and also early morning. That should tire you out enough to make you sleepy when you don't need to be.. lol

  2. Watch the movie "Chariots of Fire".


Antiliberal, I think sex also works. After sex, I can sleep through a earthquake, tornado and any other natural disasters.

To be serious...wait..I was being serious. Anywhoos, hvywht78, I find that this phenomena is usually caused by nerves. You're probably just anxious about your second show. With more commpetitive experience, this will subside and you will be able to sleep more.

I use to spend a few minutes posing right before bed. This would tire me up sufficiently so that a sound night of ZZZZZ's could be had. I know there are some herbs that can be used, but I've never used 'em; so I can't really recommend any.

And as I suggested previously, sex. There's always sex. :-))


I often experience insomnia during the initial phases of cutting up. I feel rested but I can't sleep. It is actually a bonus!


When carb intake is low, your body release epinephrine and a few components that make you more alert and give you a bit of nervous energy. This info came straight from Cy Wilson.

This will be more apparent when on t-dawg diet, or a similar low calorie, low carb diet.


Thaks a lot guys. It sure as hell could be nerves because of course I get a little nervous about getting lean enough and being bigger/more symetrical than the tiny 178lbs he was last year. I also didn't think about neurotransmitters elevating while on a low carb diet...that deffinitly seems like it could be the case though (I am always a little restless). Patricia, as for sex every night before I go to sleep...sounds great to me. I don't think it will be that easy to accomplish :wink:...damn it!!! Anyway, thatnks a lot for the advice.


Another possibility could be that it is very easy to overtrain when dieting. And overtraining can cause sleep problems. I've had this happen to me in the past, especially when I drop my calories significantly.