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Can't Sleep After Afternoon Powerlifting Training


Some of my friends and I have the same problem. We work out in the afternoon, get dinner, and when it’s about 9pm, we get too tired so have to sleep for a while, about 30 min, (it’s really uncomfortable if not have this nap), then don’t feel sleepy or can not sleep until 2-3 am. Is it bad to stay up until 2-3 for powerlifting?


Are you taking pre workout? If so uhh stop I guess or get up earlier in the morning. Lol i wake up at 430am for work get home around 430pm workout from 6 to 8ish and I’m asleep by 9


No supplement except Whey mixed with Bcaa after workout


So you are sleeping in the afternoon until 9PM and you don’t understand why you can’t sleep after that?


Sorry for the confusion. I mean I usually have a nap at 9 when working out in the afternoon, for about 30 min.


Just go to sleep properly at 9? … ‘an hour before midnight is worth 2 thereafter’… rings true fo a lot of people


Yeah, just go to sleep at 9-- or don’t take the nap and just go to sleep later at like 10 or something if you have extra stuff you need to get done.


Have you tried going to sleep like an hour after your workout instead so it’s not as late?

Edit: just realised this is 10 months old lol, sorry for the unnecessary bump.