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Can't Seem to Get Stronger

I used to be on 1000mg test and 500mg deca 1.5 years ago and i was benching 415 for singles and squating 495 for 3 reps. anyhow i've been off gear for about a year and can't seem to get stronger my bench is stuck at 315 single and my squat at 365. what in hell im i doing wrong?


i've never done a cycle but you might need to not train like you are still on the sauce could be diet or overtraining hows the typical day go?


How does your diet look?


how does your training regimen look?


Well, based upon what you've told us - you're not taking your steroids. Post your training and diet for more helpful advice.


of course your not going to be making the same gains as you did while on steroids, but are you saying your not progressing? If your progressing your getting stronger give it time.


Welcome to the real world...


You'll need to give details but i suspect you didnt adapt your training from steroid assisted to natural.

You probably need to cut down the volume, eat a little smarter and cycle the weights up from a lower level (i.e. begin another routine, say with bench 225 for 5x5 adding 5-10lbs each week or two until you get near 300 again then see how far you can progress, this time you'll be a bit stronger.

Check some of the strength related programs on this site.


You've reached a plateau with natural training. My advice is to take a week off and I agree with gswork...try some 5x5 training. Keep it simple with the basic compound exercises 3x a week.