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Can't Pinpoint Shoulder Pain


My right shoulder randomly started hurting one day (6/10 pain). It was somewhat painful to do everyday tasks like putting on a jacket, moving a mouse, raising my arm etc. (note. I didn’t lift for many days before the pain began). Since the pain onset, I’ve stopped doing all exercises that aggravate it. The pain has significantly decreased and is now kind of a lingering discomfort/pain. I rarely feel any pain in my day to day activities, but I cannot perform certain exercises/movements without feeling some degree of pain. (I only try one or two exercises at very low weight to merely see if the injury is still present, bc it seems basically nonexistent outside of the gym).

It’s been ~3 weeks now and the and I’m not sure what muscle is injured. For the most part, the pain is most active during any pressing movement. However, other shoulder exercises such as side lateral raises and rear delt flys are completely fine.

Movements that cause pain:
-Any Bench variation
-Overhead press
-Chin ups/Pull ups

(surprisingly) Pain free movements:
-side lateral raises
-rear delt flys

From what I’ve read, it seems my pain is far less than others with similar complications. Furthermore, I’d have to guess the pain is stemming from an injury to my rotator cuff or labrum. Some things I’ve read/watched make me think I may have tendonitis to some degree.

I know a medical professional is the best resource, but does anyone have any idea where the pain could be stemming from due to my pain from selective movements? Should I give it more time to resolve itself via rest or should I see someone sooner than later?


So, the rotator cuff literally rotates the shoulder and other things You could try an internal/external rotation using a band to test it.

If they hurt, then its a good chance it a RC tear


I had the same thought. I can do these fine with no pain, but there is some clicking/crunching in the shoulder (not totally abnormal, have always had a good deal of that going on in my shoulder).

I’ve tried a lot of the diagnostic exercises to pinpoint the pain, yet I can perform nearly all of them with no pain. The one exception however, is the exercise/stretch illustrated below. It’s really the only ART that causes any pain for me.


Does this shed any light on where the pain is likely stemming from?


There are 4 muscles that make up the RC. It could be any of them but if you’re experiencing pain in the back it might be the infraspinatus or the teres minor.


I just had my third RC surgery in January. The best thing to do is to go to a good ortho surgeon and get evaluated and get an MRI