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Can't Lose Weight on Tren


I used Dandelion Root and Coors lite, lol.

The key aspects to a successful water cut for strength sports involve water loading prior to the cut, carb and sodium manipulation, and timing. I know that those things are also manipulated by bodybuilders to present the best possible package on stage. I have no idea if what we do for strength sports conflicts with what bodybuilders do, or if it’s similar.


I think for the most part bodybuilding is more about the long haul. tapering down everything slowly. But yes they are pretty similar with carb and fluid intake and manipulation. for strength athletes you don’t have to worry about aesthetics. As for us. The slightest bit of bloat come final pose down can make or break us. You say you cut water and carbs in one day? My buddy who does shows says he starts tapering all that down within the last few days. I’ll have to look into dandelion root. Also normal water pills. I’ve been using Lasix which are probably unnessisary. And colors light. Well. I alow myself a drink or two here and there. But all the orals in running probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea haha


no, the carb and water manipulation are done over the course of a week, as is the sodium. But the weight doesn’t start to go down until the final 24 hours. so you really start the water cut a full week before weigh in. You start to cut carbs about 5 days out, while you start drinking a lot of extra water. You keep water really really high until you cut it off completely. It doesn’t work if you don’t do that part first. The last 48-72 hours (depending on how much weight must be cut) involve basically zero carbs.

Why are you taking the Lasix now anyway? I was kinda confused by that. How are they useful this far out from a show?


i take them occasionally if I’m feeling bloated to just get rid of some extra water weight for the time being. I’m really trying to get a good feel for what weight im actually working with. Because after fasted cardio in the AM and a 30 min sweat in the steam room im weighing between 185.5-188 but later in the evening I’m sitting around 190-193 so I like to keep good track of my actual weight. There’s a good artical on here called 5 days to shred or something along those lines that go In depth with how to taper down everything. Probably a good read I should go back and look over


if you think the tren’s fucking you up, why not just drop it?


also, here’s a guide to water manipulation by a VERY intelligent dude. Might be of use to you if you’ve never seen it. I have to stress that I did not write this.

I do my water loss w/o drugs. The principle is very simple:

The body functions in feedback loops, including water homeostasis, that work like the thermostats and the AC (or heater) in your house, car, etc.

If you set the AC to 70 (its setpoint), the temp. much reach some threshold (say 72) before it kicks in. It will cool until it reaches some value below its setpoint, say 68. There is overshoot in the system. There must be some off-set or error to turn the AC on (temp reaches 72) and it will cool to provide somewhat of a temperature buffer (68? = 2? below the setpoint of 70?).

Now imagine how your thermostat, if it were “smart” like the body’s, would react if you turned a heater on near the thermometer, but on the other side of the room from the AC. The heater would blast the thermometer (sensor) and the AC would be going full blast to cool the room. If you cut the heater off, the “smart” thermostat would not just cool the room to 68? - it would cool it to some level below that, b/c it remembers that there’s a “threat” of heat AND the thermometer is simply is still hot even though the rest (most) of the room is at or below 70?. (It senses a hotter room than is actually the case!)

Water homeostasis is a bit more complicated, but you can use this principle to trick the body into drying out - losing water to a level of dehydration below its normal setpoint. Here’s how:

-Turn on diuresis in the body by drinking LOTS of water, flooding it with fluid.
-The body will respond homeostatically by removing this water from the system. It senses that there is too much water b/c electrolytes (especially sodium) are diluted in the blood. When the water is lost, there will necessarily be some sodium loss.
-KEEP drinking water and the body will continue to lose water to try to keep up, but will lose some electrolytes as well. In fact, outpace the body’s ability to lose water by INCREASING water intake gradually over several days and it will not quite be able to keep up. You’ll be peeing like a racehorse by this point (but even get somewhat drier). (The body (hypothalamus) “senses” you have more water than you do, b/c electrolytes are so diluted.)
-ABRUPTLY stop drinking water and watch as the body continues removing it and “smartly” overshoots previous level of hydration, leaving you dry as a bone.

Additions to this:
-Use every means of diuretic (non-pharmacological) at your disposal, increasing dose as you increase water, turning on diuresis even more: vitamin C (3-5 g), caffeine, herbal diuretics, and finally for the last day of drinking water, a no-carb, purely protein diet. AFTER YOU STOP DRINKING WATER, CONTINUE with these natural diuretics, driving diuresis and keeping yourself dry.
-Take in minimal sodium as your are finishing your water intake and thereafter.
-Supplement with Potassium to prevent cramping.

Here’s a sample:
Mon, Tue: No carbs - glycogen depletion workouts
Tues: carb-up, some sodium (none added to food), 7L water
Wed: as above, 8 L water, Add in non-pharm diuretics
Thurs: as above, 9L water, Up diuretics
Fri: no-carbs (more on this later), only protein diet, minimal sodium, 10L of water, finished by 6PM, up diuretics even more.
Sat (show): no carbs (more later), only protein diet, .5 - 1.0 L water, diuretics throughout day.

Hope this helps!


Good read yogi!! Thank you for that. Also the only reason I’m hanging on to the Tren is A. Because I love Tren :wink: and B. I feel it will be helpful in keeping muscle the last few weeks when conditioning gets heavy. Just my opinion though. What do you guys think?


I honestly think you’re making a mistake by manipulating water like that at this point. It doesn’t seem like it’s productive for reaching your end goal. The bloat is not a bad thing for training purposes. You should probably just trust the process.


Yea I feel you on that. I agree. It’s not wise to STAY depleted. However I am considering giving the depletion process a trial run. Similar to the strategy yogi posted. Minus the diuretics for now. Maybe next week start Monday- Friday see how I look by Saturday and see what I might need to tweak and peak for the actual depletion. But then it’s back to regular diet and training for the remainder of my prep. I must say the Winstrol is starting to kick in and I’m drying out a lot. Not in water weight but muscle hardness and joint soreness. Pretty vascular right now hah could be the Tren too :wink:


I don’t get nearly that kind of arm vascularity on tren or anything else, lol. Maybe you’re just that much leaner than me. Really crazy.


Did you see the article on the front page today by CT and CS? Good timing


I did as a matter of fact I actually mentioned it a few posts up :wink: … I’m going to give that a try next week… I’ll actually keep you guys posted on it. Maybe I’ll start a new thread called 6 days to shred when shredded hahaha it will definitely be an interesting experiment for me as I’ve never tried something like this before


Impressive work man, will be following…


I’d actually love to see some before and afters from the water manipulating. Never seen any decent ones.


I’de Be more than happy to oblige. First picture will be Monday. Seccond picture will be Saturday.


Hey guys if your still interested I started my 6 days to shred today. Holy fuck not having carbs sucks I think I stayed under 70ish roughly. It was miserable hahah


are you taking a piss mate?
i’ve taken tren. Hell i cooked it. i put it inside chococalte chip cookies and shoved it up my ass I did.
took 300 mg weekly and lost my damn mind.
then again I was on 1 g of test a week and proviron.



you seem to react to tren in a way that other people do not then.

I am curious though, what do you mean by ‘you lost your damn mind’? Are you exaggerating, or was it really that bad? I definitely did not have that experience running 400 tren with 500 test.

By most accounts, tren A is MUCH worse in terms of mental side effects than tren E at similar doses. The best explanation I’ve found for this is basically absorption rate of E versus A. It’s the explanation that makes the most sense to me. Did you use E or A when you had such a shitty experience?


I will say. I did play around with some oral Tren I got as a sampler from my supplier. 1mg I almost got out of my car in traffic to rip someone’s head off for speeding up on my ass and riding me. But we’ll leave that out. Haha that’s a whole other ballpark


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