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Can't Lose Weight on Tren


This damn Tren. I can’t loose any weight. Ontop of being in a pretty serious deficit and way more cardio and HIIT than I usually do. I’m actually gaining weight. It’s driving me crazy. I’m considering dropping the Tren and sticking with Test and Mast. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m currently still on all Enanthate esters . I’ve lowered them all a tad currently on 400TestE, 400MastE, 400TrenE I’m still 11 weeks out. Not switching to fast esters for another 5-6weeks. Also running low dose Tbol and Proviron. Hardly any water weight at all.

Any suggestions I weighed in at 191 on an empty stomach… I need to get down to 177!!! HELLLP

***** I personally think it’s the Tren. But maybe I’m wrong… I’m consuming less than 3000 cal a day. I mean. finaplix was initially developed to let cattle keep weight without having to feed them as much. Maybe it’s the same for humans hahah


How far into the cycle are you??


Not too long. Been on a little over 3 weeks. Did a hefty little front load then Tapered back a little.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Tren. But I’m not quite sure it meets my goals right now =(


dude 400 tren? fuck.
lower that shit down to 100 at maximum.
increase duiretics (basic stuff from wal greens)


I don’t see he point of running 100mg Tren? Either take it or don’t . Hah and I take Lasix when I need it and I’m on 25mg Aromasin ED so I’m not holding much water anyways


To clarify. I’m on 400tren E a week. Not 400tren A ED.

In which case yea that would be ridiculous


still man. 400 tren below 200 lbs. dude that HAS to fuck with your head.
you can’t think straight and you def can’t problem solve.


You must have had a bad experience. I feel like a fucking animal in the gym and in bed. Besides the shortness of breath my mood is pretty stable. Unless you piss me off in which case stand by to stand by. But that on or off gear. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones


He hasn’t even taken tren, he’s just talking out his ass. He has no idea what AAS are actually like in practice, he’s just read about them.


I was going to say!! Hah 400 is actually a relatively low dose. I know guys running 700 a week with 200 test. They love it. I haven’t tried low test high Tren. But all my compounds are pretty even on a 400/400/400 split. I did up the Mast to 600 however. But for the most part I think it’s the Tren that’s holding my weight. I honestly don’t know. It’s funny becuause when I want to gain weight I seem to loose it and vise versa. I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing . I’ve walked 6 hours this week combined along with 2 thirty min HIIT sessions. And my weight is still floating between 187 and 193. I’m actually considering a fast. Maybe once a week my target is to hit a pound a week. But now I’m going to have to hit almost 1.25 pounds a week. And damn if I don’t have a sweet tooth. My diet has been extremely lean. I’ll keep posted. Follow my log under bodybuilding forum if interested


i didn’t realize you were logging. I’ll check it out.

Yea when I ran tren, my weight stayed really really constant, and I was having trouble eating. Seems like both dropping weight AND adding weight might be difficult on it. My appetite was gone so I couldn’t gain weight (although I got stronger), and I was at what should have been a calorie deficit, and not losing weight either.

Why do you need to hit 177? Is that a weight class?


ugh. I guess I could have just looked that up in your log, eh?

So how do weigh-ins work for bodybuilding? Do you have a 24 hour window for a water cut, or do you really need to be walking around at 177?


For the classic division it’s kind of weird they have a height and weight class. So for me at 5’7.5 I need to come in at 177. Optimally I’de like to get a little lower so I have wiggle room. And this is my first show so im not 100% but I believe weigh ins are either in the AM early or the day before. I’ll have to get the exact details when the time gets closer. But if I do bodybuilding I would compete in the “light-heavyweight division” which is 176 up to 198. So if I don’t make weight I may have to cross over to either bodybuilding or physique. Which goes by height classes.

Here’s a link for the classic division rules.



I also had the same problems when I was trying to put on weight last time I ran Tren. The only benefits I think will really help me. Is if and when I have to start really getting serious with cardio and cutting carbs it will alow me to hold on to a little more muscle


For me, I’ve decided that I’ll only use tren leading up to a powerlifting meet, as a way to control weight for a few months while still gaining strength. I can gain more strength by just using test/orals, and I can eat more that way.

I’ll also add in EQ next time I run tren, so I may have a different opinion after my next cycle. That could be something of a game changer.

About your bodyweight: I don’t know shit about bodybuilding, specifically show prep during the last 72 hours or so before getting on stage, so what I have to say may not be remotely useful, but…

I have cut as much as about 15 lbs of water for a meet, without much trouble, and in the weight range we’re talking about here. My last meet I went from mid 190’s the day before weigh-in, to 180 weigh-in day, and back up to mid 190’s by the end of that day. That sort of weight cut may not make sense for bodybuilding, but it might. I really don’t know, just thought I’d let you know that it’s easily do-able if it becomes necessary. You just have to start preparing for it a week out.


How did u do that? That’s ridiculous!! Diuretics? I’m intrigued now ha


I used Dandelion Root and Coors lite, lol.

The key aspects to a successful water cut for strength sports involve water loading prior to the cut, carb and sodium manipulation, and timing. I know that those things are also manipulated by bodybuilders to present the best possible package on stage. I have no idea if what we do for strength sports conflicts with what bodybuilders do, or if it’s similar.


I think for the most part bodybuilding is more about the long haul. tapering down everything slowly. But yes they are pretty similar with carb and fluid intake and manipulation. for strength athletes you don’t have to worry about aesthetics. As for us. The slightest bit of bloat come final pose down can make or break us. You say you cut water and carbs in one day? My buddy who does shows says he starts tapering all that down within the last few days. I’ll have to look into dandelion root. Also normal water pills. I’ve been using Lasix which are probably unnessisary. And colors light. Well. I alow myself a drink or two here and there. But all the orals in running probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea haha


no, the carb and water manipulation are done over the course of a week, as is the sodium. But the weight doesn’t start to go down until the final 24 hours. so you really start the water cut a full week before weigh in. You start to cut carbs about 5 days out, while you start drinking a lot of extra water. You keep water really really high until you cut it off completely. It doesn’t work if you don’t do that part first. The last 48-72 hours (depending on how much weight must be cut) involve basically zero carbs.

Why are you taking the Lasix now anyway? I was kinda confused by that. How are they useful this far out from a show?


i take them occasionally if I’m feeling bloated to just get rid of some extra water weight for the time being. I’m really trying to get a good feel for what weight im actually working with. Because after fasted cardio in the AM and a 30 min sweat in the steam room im weighing between 185.5-188 but later in the evening I’m sitting around 190-193 so I like to keep good track of my actual weight. There’s a good artical on here called 5 days to shred or something along those lines that go In depth with how to taper down everything. Probably a good read I should go back and look over


if you think the tren’s fucking you up, why not just drop it?