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Can't Lose Any More Weight. Stuck at 14 Stone 2


Okay guys, I was 17 stone 7 when I started my diet. I had support and intelligent feedback from a T-Nation user who happens to be my stepson. Indeed, an inspirational person who would make a perfect trainer. However, 6-7 months later I changed. I lost a lot of fat. A pregnancy stomach. My arms were puny and I was much weaker. I started the gym when I got to around 14 8-9 and remember struggling to do 1 chin up. Now I can do many more, I have gained some muscle and we have been doing body building.
I decided to shed more fat as I want to lean up somewhat. Over the last week I cut down on sugar dramatically and reduced calorific intake to the 1700-2000 mark while I focused on doing daily cardio work and light weights to maintain muscle. 20-25 mins on cross trainer at gym. Rowing machine and alternative body building days. During the week I have been rock climbing, caving, bouldering and done some interval training.
I lost 1 pound.



It's been 1 week, the scale is a super inaccurate tool due to fluctuation in water and all kinds of stuff. The geomagnetic shift could cause... see scales suck.

Go by how you feel and look. You say you cut down on sugar dramatically? Just cut it out all together. That'll make the biggest difference.

Then you need to read this by shelby:

Read this by Mike Nelson:

It's a good thing if you're not on I3G or the V-Diet

Then when it comes to your weight- don't go light! Go heavy! Staying heavy helps preserve the muscle because it tells your body "hey I need to keep using these muscles, so I shouldn't eat them for energy, let's try fat."

Or since this is the V-Diet log thread- do the V-Diet and get it done and over with :slight_smile: ( plus it will break and bad habits you still have that could be hurting your results )


cut sugar completely. I personally weigh myself in the morning after going to the toilet. I always take the lowest weigh-in as a number to compare to. For example one morning I might be (in kilograms) 104, the next 105, the next 105.8, the next 105, 106.2, 104.6, 103.8

so it took a bunch of days before I saw a new low.

Pick a weigh-in as a reference. Most do it either in the morning after going to the toilet or before work out. If you never see a weigh in that was lower than that in say.. a month, then yes you should change something.

I also think you are overdoing it on the cardio(and other kinds of exercize) and not lifting enough weights. If you are doing all of that stuff for cardio then you are doing too much. If you are doing them just cause you like them then go ahead. I would cut out the cardio workouts that are specifically there to help you lose weight.

Lift heavy, and cut out all sugar. Eat meat/fish and veggies mostly and don't get disappointed. Losing weight can be frustrating and a long process but it will happen regardless of what the scale may be showing you recently.


Thanks guys...Appreciate your feedback and advice.


After a while just measuring weight can be a very poor indicator of what is going on and it maybe isn't that important as a single parameter for someone in training .
Weight loss itself (in my experience) certainly isn't predictably linear and seems to happen in quite big drops followed by long plateaus, the bigger drops for me have come when i have added/changed routines like going heavy rather than cardio, adding fasted walking, cleaning up diet again etc.

The really important things are about what is happening to your fat mass and your lean body mass. As single measures go---if you measure your waist circ and that is getting smaller then you are losing fat, great, the minimal change in weight you are xperiencing may reflect then that there is more lean (and heavy) muscle mass there and less fat. (this is what happenned to me)

It's also easy to dump pounds of weight almost overnight just by cutting out all or nearly all carbs for a few days--all that happens is that you use the muscle and liver glycogen stores (and the water stored with that) and hey-ho instant 3-5 lb weight loss !!.

Losing (fat weight) long term is about preserving big muscle mass and that comes with the heavy end of weights training and intelligent eating.