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Can't Log In Using Pre-Redesign Username/Password


I can’t seem to log in.

I get “invalid username or password” when trying to log in. If I hit “forgot my password”, I get “email not found”.

Any chance someone could look into what’s going on?

I sent an email to the feedback address, but I figure this might be faster.

(Original account is “lorez”).

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Guessing here: Perhaps the new system is case sensitive. Try “Lorez”


Thanks, but yeah, it doesn’t seem to work.

Tried “lorez” “LoRez” and “Lorez”, but none of those work.

I wouldn’t mind much if the “forgot your password” link actually worked – since I could at least reset my password or whatever – but it doesn’t seem to work either.


[quote=“lorez2, post:1, topic:213417”]
I get “invalid username or password” when trying to log in. If I hit “forgot my password”, I get “email not found”.[/quote]

Did you try logging in with the email attached to LoRez? Instead of username, enter the full e-mail address whatever@whereever.com and your password. That should kickstart the log in and you should be able to use just that username from then on.


That sounded really promising, but also gave me an “invalid username or password” message.

I’m using the same email address that I received all of the old “subscribed topic update” messages on. (As in, I’m sure it’s the right email address associated with the username.)

Can a password reset be initiated from your side?


I’ll see if they can figure something like that out. Sorry for the trouble, man.


Having the same exact issue as Lorez.


I was having the same problem. Denied being able to sign in and denied that my email existed to be used to reset my password.

I just went to sign up* and typed in my old info…and here I am.


Wow, thanks. That worked just fine.


I can’t find “Sign Up”. All I see is a Log In option and it doesn’t even prompt me to type in any info, it just auto logs me in to this dummy account.


Okay…what do?


I logged in just fine from home a little while ago but while at work I was getting a constant stream of email notifications from TN. When I tried to log in to change the settings I had the same issue you guys are having. If it continues tomorrow I’m going to have to block TN on my email.


Had the same problem, and this just worked for me too. Thanks!


Thanks, had the same problem and this worked for me.


I also have the same issue


Username was stronkfak


In my case the old login didn’t work either.

When i chose to “sign up” again, the username was automatically inserted to email slot, and i just thought the form wanted me to double enter user name because it asks user name on the first slot aswell.

Needless to say this didn’t work and i thought the forums are completely broken.

I used latest firefox as browser.
Then i switched to chrome, and in the sign up page i noticed i was supposed to enter email to the space that previously had user name automatically filled in, when using firefox.
I entered the information properly and all is working good.

So if your browser is playing tricks on you, Sign up page’s correct form is:
Confirm Password.

Cheers :slightly_smiling:


Try typing in your email and password instead of using autofill.


Had the same problem, went to create a new account and entered the old information and got in, but it seems my pics (avatar) are gone.


We believe we have fixed the email logon problem.