Can't Log In to New Store

I’m not sure where to go for help on this but I can not log in to Biotest Store since it changed and when trying to do a password reset it says that my email is not found.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I’m going to send you a message now here on the forums. We’ll get this sorted out.

For anyone else running into this issue, you’ll need to create a new store account and everything will work.

You can so do here.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Not a fan of the new store. And why couldn’t you port old users over to the new store without people having to create a new account?

We don’t have access to your password, and it violates our security policy.

Most of your user information is in the new store. All you have to do to connect to it is create an account with the same email as your old account. It takes about 30 seconds.

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The new store allows us to do much more for our loyal customers, including promotions, special offers, and rewards. It’s easier to manage and has a universally accepted checkout system optimized for mobile use. We’re sure a fan.

We hope it grows on you.

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This is not true for me. There’s literally no information for me in the new store. Order history, payment methods and addresses are all gone. I did use the same email that was associated with my old account too.

Someone will contact you next week and help you with your account information. We’ve saved everything you’re concerned about.

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I just ran into the same issue, created the new account for the new store, however none of my previous purchase history from the old store transferred over. The one thing that does pop up was a CT program I purchased, when there were still two different stores, Biotest/T-nation store. That program was only available on the T-Nation side of things

As I understand things from customer service, while they have all of this data (purchase history, addresses, etc.) Biotest intentionally did not port it over to the new store due to potential data corruption issues (or something along those lines). I understand they may be able to manually add it, but the notion that most of our information got ported over to the new store is just not accurate.