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Can't Lift


I got 0 dollars, cuz I spent everything on martial arts classes. Now I want to drop weight cuz I'm a fat bastard (6'1" 306lbs a month ago, now 275), but I can't afford to get a memebrship to a gym with a weightrooom. So the question is: what diet is good for rapid fat loss without losing a lot of muscle... only doing bodyweight exercises? I'm a big guy, and I put in a few years in the gym so I don't want to lose any muscle (target weight would be like 200). Would the velocity diet be counterproductive? Should I just stick to eating healthy and not worry about cutting calories? I'm trying to do all the combat conditioning exercises I found on T-Nation, but are there more effective bodyweight exercises that would seem like more "heavy lifting?" Whenever I get a new job, I'll hit the weights, but till then... Thanks in advance.


Rapid fat loss?

Dude, you need to lose 75 pounds. There is nothing rapid about that. You need to plan to lose that much weight, not go on some fad diet. What I would do if i was you:

  1. Bodyweight exersizes. There is a lot of information on this site about these.

  2. Clean up your diet, with a diet log. Dont eat shitty foods, don't binge eat. Eat meat, veggies and fruit and you really can't go wrong. KFC is not meat.

After a month or so, evaluate your progress. As you continue to diet, you will most likely have to reduce calories, and/or add cardio to see results. That is why I'd start basic then move to a stricter diet. Plus, most people just dont have the balls to jump into a strict diet. They set themselves up for failure. Consistancy is key.

dont drink beer



I am also a martial artist, with no cash for a weight room, in the summer. During the school year my university has a weight room, that is free for students. This has forced me to become the macguyver of excercise. What you need is a good back pack, a weigh scale, and a bunch of heavy stuff (books, and weight plates work best).
So when you do body weight excercises use the back pack for extra weight, in addition use unilateral excercises like pistols, one arm pushups, before you add weight.

You can also wear the back pack, for chinups, place it on your pelvis for bridges, the only ecercise it is not good for is handstand pushups. Using the weigh scale to find out how heavy the back pack is allows you to quantify your progress, and allow you to wrk very close to your 1rm. If you want to work your abs go for one of those cheap 10$ ab wheels, they work great. if not an you have acces to a bar you can use for chinups, wear the pack and hang upside down from the bar and do full situps untill your nose touches your knees.

You can also use the straps of the back pack and use it like a kettle bell, so you can do bicep cruls, one arm snatches ect. Hope this helps, but if you are 275 lbs at 6'1 You can build qiute a bit of strenght and muscle just using body weight excercise, just pick the right ones. Your best friends are the 1arm push up, and the pistol.


Pretty funny.

Search for articles written by Dr. John Berardi and Dr. Lonnie Lowery. They have lots of suggestions for proper diets. And don't drink beer for two reasons: it's loaded with calories and it decreases your testosterone levels.


Thanks for the feeback, dudes. I've been eating healthy for the last month or so, and started the velocity diet a couple of days ago. The real question I still have is: if I'm not able to straight up pump iron, will I lose muscle mass? I know I have a long, slow road ahead of me for losing all this crap, but I'd like to do it as fast as safely possible.

Also, thanks for the advice on using a bag with weight. I don't think yer gonna catch me doing any wieghted chin-ups or weighted handstand push-ups right now... I can't do 'em yet without weight cuz I brought to much of my own tot the table. This is one of the problems I'm having as far as a workout: if my body weight is actually higher than my 1RM on certain exercises, I have to try to get those muscles with other exercises. Pushups, squats and bridging are fine for me: the question is, are they enough for me to maintain my muscle mass while cutting calories? Guess we'll know soon.


Yes, you most likely will. You'd be better off with a slower, more moderate approach. Some may disagree with me, but I think the Velocity Diet is really only good for those will some solid size with not too much bodyfat too lose. At your size, you should be able to lose fat at a safe and fairly rapid rate without cutting calories too low. Even those better suited to the Velocity Diet still need to follow Shugart's supplementation plan for optimal results. Something you probably can't do if you're strapped for cash.


Yeah dude,
you will lose muscle mass if u dont lift weights, regardless of the diet u are on. Sorry


Dude at your weight and probably bodyfat% losing fat is more important than keeping muscle, and doing alot of GPP excercise + your martial arts classes will be much better for you than lifting right now. Good GPP (general physical prepareadness, i can't spell), will help your muscles repair faster and give you better gains when you get back to the iron game.

One thing you can try is pick like two or three excercises and pick a high number of reps to do every day and break up the sets throughout the day, for example i do 500 asstograss bodyweight squats, and 200 divebomber pushups a day but I break it up into 10 sets, so you do a set when you wake up, a set after you shower, a set after breakfast and ect, the trick is not to make each set to hard, because by the end of each day you will begin to feel it. But any way you work it keep doing lots of pushups, situp, squats, bridges and the like, and you will see the difference.


I'm doing the Royal Court exercises along with handstand pushups and chin-ups. It's been about a month since I've touched a weight and I haven't lost a bit of muscle.


Thanks again for the new advice. Maybe I was a bit gung ho with the V-Diet. After all, I lost 30 pounds in the first month of just exercise and smart eating. I'll try breaking up my sets of bodyweight exercises to do more. That's a good idea.


Am I the only one that saw something wrong with this? It's all about priorities. You got zero dollars? How are you going to eat? Eating healthy is going to cost more than a gym membership. I say you can't afford to NOT join a gym with a weightroom. HEAVY weights are advised, although bodyweight exercise could work (as suggested by NateN). The V-Diet not done to perfection could be disastrous.

MY ADVICE: hit up a few gyms. See if you can get a 60 or 90 or how-ever-many day intro period where they postpone the initiation fee. Tell them about your situation. See if they will work with you. They want to make money and get you hooked. (Actually, they just want your money, and they don't really want you there.) But you get my drift. Make it happen.