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Can't Lift, Now What?

It’s every bodybuilder’s worst nightmare: not being able to lift for an extended period of time, due to circumstances you can’t control. For me, its because I will be visiting the homeland for an entire month, and during this entire time, I doubt I will have access to a fully-equipped weightroom.

I am looking for any advice/suggestions to help me “maintain” what I currently have. I know keeping all my strength/size will be impossible, but are there any ways to decrease the amount of muscle that I lose, or at least slow the rate of loss? Any exercises I can do (other than a shitload of pushups, crunches, lunges, etc) with relatively little equipment?

How do guys/gals stay in shape when you’re going on vacation, or can’t use a gym for an extended period of time?

Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

A month isn’t that long, you dont have much to worry about. Try to train hard before this break, and you’ll probably peak around the second week, and will likely be close to or better than you are now when you get back.

Im trying to peak right now, and then im gonna take the whole month of August off, and then get back into training.

Just make sure your eating enough during this time, and you’ll likely only lose a pound or two of muscle during the entire time.

I have gone on long trips before and i always dread them from a workout standpoint…but i have always been able to find a gym in the area and most gyms are pretty accommodating to
short memberships or even a daily fee.

Is this an option?

I am sure there will be people around…take one of appropriate poundage, roll them over your back and start squatting, find a car - start pushing it…there is ALWAYS something heavy around to lift or push. Weight rooms are just niceties.

Work on your muscular control, Hit all the compulsory poses and work on feeling each muscle group. CT mentioned that this can help with tone as well. you may lose some size and strength but increased mind muscle connection will help with building it back up.

bodyweight stuff, or do the super accumulation program before you go, that what my mate did before he moved to nz for awhile, every day he just squatted deadlifted and benched for the whole week, by the end of it he was a depressing moody bitch but he reckoned after not working out for 2 weeks he was looking the best he ever had

I figure that as long as you can find something to hang onto, you will always have various chins and pushup variations. Add some dips between furniture, and some stair running and you can hope to at least maintain a good amount.

It’s been said, but keep your protein up, overeat instead of undereat (despite the reduced activity), and a trick my brother always used, was to use creatine as an added means of preventing muscle loss (whenever he had an injury, or was in a cast, he’d load up).


pankration, discus throw, javelin throw, ect