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Can't Lift as Much

this week ive beem having probloms with deads i usalyy do 315 now i cant do 275. i tryied resting for 2 days and trying agan but im still haveing trouble if you guys have any suggestions plz let me know.ps 14 and weigh 130 so dont give me any your weak comments because i only dl 315

I like your user name.

And I like the language you’ve invented that utilizes neither commas or the English spelling for anything.

i’d say you need more rest between deadlift days maybe, if you’re 14 your body’s freaking out growing so much it has other priorites then maintaing your leg strenght, like lenghtening bones and crap.

or it might just be a flooke thing, it’ll come back, just might need some more time to recover.

It probably has to do with your menstrual cycle.

You’ll be back up to your ridiculously tiny deadlift within a week.

[quote]goochadamg wrote:
I like your user name.[/quote]

lol God.