Can't Keep My Arch During Deadlifts

I’m doing deadlifts for my ME lift right now. I know on a true max attempt, people aren’t expected to keep a perfect arch, but even on my 90% stuff I lose my arch. I know I could go lighter on weights, but what are other exercises I could do to strengthen my back to specifically make it so I can keep my arch? Here’s a vid of me doing deadlifts last week. - YouTube

Does a belt help?

I don’t own a belt.

Get one. Planks help me. I’m not that good at the theory of core training though, so I can’t help you much.

Eh- looks OK. If you’re pulling a heavy weight relative to your abilities- even one that is not a max attempt, then you’ll have a little roundage.

maybe drop your butt a little more; that helped me.

you’re stronger than 90% or more of the people who post here. i think you’ll be ok.

How’s your ham flexibility?

Your upper back should be rounding if you want to most efficient pulling position. Your lower back should stay flat, which it’s not according to my viewing of the videos.

I suggest that you start the pull with your upper back rounded instead of flat, and focus on flexing your lower back as hard as possible. Also, do more lower back work. I like good mornings and reverse hypers.

^^^ True

Get as much air in your belly as you can also.

no. you are stiff-legging it. get your shoulders behind the bar, your ass down and pull back instead of pulling straight up. that will take the strain off of your lower back. however you do need to strengthen your back. heavy good mornings and shrugs should be a staple.

x2 on more good mornings and back extensions. your form is pretty good. just need more trunk stability.


I have to say that those deadlifts did not look all that bad.

I used to have a LOT of trouble maintaining a neutral spinal position on deadlifts. Honestly, with anything over 50% I was rounded WAY more than your max attempts. My setup was part of the issue, but also my core was too weak to properly stabilize my spine, forcing movement (spinal flexion). If your core strength isn’t up to par, I recommend rollouts, weighted planks (have someone pile some plates on your back while holding a plank), side planks, pallof isometrics, etc.

I agree with Pinto. Eventually your going to come across that weight which pulls you out of your arch, though you still have the strength to get it up. If you look similar with 100lbs less THEN you have a problem. But having said that, it does look like your flexibility is barely good enough, meaning your glute flexibility or ham flexibility may need some work. If you improve your flexibility and get into a better arch off the bat you will be able to push your max up a bit.

if you arch real hard, and over exaggerate, you will be able to get lower

Hyperextensions while holding a weight plate are good for strengthening your lower back exclusively. Looks pretty good though! Make sure you continue to brace your midsection the way that you are and try pulling your shoulders back a bit harder near the top of the lift.

the 365? and 405? seemed ok to me. The last one I think you grip was giving.

I dont think they were that bad. Probably more practice on deadlifting and some heavy front squats.

I think you’re being kind of hard on yourself. On the last lift your first pull was excellent… you just missed your lockout. The problem is in the top half of your pull which you can fix with heavy racks.

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