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Can't Hold My Supplements...

Been lurking here for about a year now, spent many hours reading many articles and finally decided to post a question. I’ll stick it in beginners just in case there’s something blindingly obvious I’ve missed and I seem a arrogant prat posting elsewhere.

weight- around 85kg (185-190 lb)
height- 5’8
bench- 110kg (242 lb)
deadlift- 155kg (341 lb)
squat (below parallel)- 120 kg (264 lb)
Pull-ups (from dead hang)- 12
dips- 12 with 20 kg dumbbell

I’m currently taking- 100% gold standard protein, animal flex (I have pretty worn out knees), green tea extract (keep metabolism up), and glutamine powder if I’m going on long runs or rowing long distance.

  I can take all these along with a high protein, medium carb, medium healthy fat diet (fairly high calories) without any real side-effects, but when I take other supplements like l-arginine, l-carnitine, creatine etc my stomach gets upset (with less-than-solid results). I'm posting this as I'm sick of seemingly wasting money as it all just seems to pass through my gut with no absorption at all! 

 I recently took a protein powder that contains around 5g of creatine monohydrate which seemed to only affect my usage of the toilet in my gym, despite drinking litres of water beforehand. I live in spain and have big gaps between getting paid so when im broke i have to bargain hunt in a small selection so please dont recommend Biotest products- I cant get them!

  So guys and girls, I cant afford to throw money down the toilet (pun intended) so if anyone has any experience/ knowledge at all that can help me it'd be great.


i’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.

you want to know what are good supplements?

Cheers for the reply, my problem is that each time I try a new supplement it upsets my stomach= lots of gas and I could crap through the eye of a needle! I’m just wondering if there’s some kind of acclimatization-type process to adjust to new supplements, or if I’m stuck with a sensitive stomach, and I’m wasting my money buying these types of supplements (l-carnitine, l-arginine, creatine, )

If this helps, I was looking through the Tcell forums (‘What supplements do the alpha’s take?’) and saw this from MODOK. Similar situation- he chucks up; I shit it all out.

"yeah, I’ve tried peri-workout stuff several times, with several different products. The result with the better products (Surge, Vitargo, etc.) Huge insulin surge, followed immediately by sweaty palms, hypoglycemia, and vomit. Every time.

I understand the science, but in real life, I can’t spike my insulin in the middle of a workout…I’ve got too much sympathetic ns stimulation going on. They are very good products, I am sure, I just can’t take them."

Are you lactose intolerant?

hmm im not sure but… i notice you are from spain… im hoping they dominate in world cup 2010!!

Digestive enzymes, pro-biotics, and Benefiber (or similar high quality fiber supplement).

I think it’s the creatine that is messing you up. The above options won’t help with that. If you get creatine powder that is closer to table sugar as opposed to powdered or confection sugar that’s the problem. The creatine should dissolve completely. You shouldn’t get that granular feeling when drinking it. If you can’t get micronized (the powdery stuff) creatine than fully dissolve your creatine in warm water then drink it. Wait until it cools or just drink it warm that doesn’t matter.

The supps I mentioned above will help with general digestive health.

@ridethecliche- nah def not lactose intolerant- i drink a pint of milk before bed with whey and eat pots and pots of greek yoghurt- no stomach upset from that.

@N. robinson- I live in Spain but I’m British, but as there’s not too many brits around so I may end up supporting Spain with my mates here. How come you support them?

@ bonez217- Im not on them all concurrently, even if i take any of them separately then it messes me up (good phrase). the creatine was mixed in a whey powder i bought but i have been making sure its all well mixed in but ill try the warm water method. I will give those digestive enzymes a go though, thanks.
Iv ordered the old HOT-ROX (not extreme) and some spike tablets to test and find out more about what upsets my stomach- i figure the more i know, the closer i am to solving it. cheers for the help guys!

What’s the rest of your diet like, aside from supplements?