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Can't Handle Frequency of Built Like a BB, Perform Like an Athlete (EDITED)


Hey CT,
I’ve got one more week to go on your best damn workout. From which I have seen great results, thank you for that. But after 4 weeks of that high of frequency I just feel really wiped out. I cannot handle the frequency (maybe I’m just a pussy?). I have no energy what so ever and going to the gym has become a chore instead of something I look forward to. I’d like to train based on your philosophy of Built like a bb and preform like an athlete but without the really high frequency. How do you feel about this as a 4 day split? I added a little hypertrophy at the end of upper body days to keep the “beach” muscles up to snuff (I keep it pretty light, enough to get a good pump).

MONDAY (Zone 1)

A Military Press 8x3

B Push Press 8x3

C Bench Press 8x3

D Squat 6x3

E1 Barbell Curl 3x10
E2 Tricep Pushdown 3x10
E3 Face Pulls 3x10

TUESDAY (Zone 1)

A Power Clean 8x3

B SG High Pull 8x3

C Muscle Snatch 8x3


A Military Press 5x3

B Push Press 5x3

C Bench Press 5x3

D Squat 3x3

E1 Hammer Curl 3x10
E2 Tricep Pushdown 3x10
E3 Face Pulls 3x10


A Power Clean 5x3

B SG High Pull 5x3

C Muscle Snatch 5x3


I’m just curious, what are you doing in Best Damn? The program is high frequency/low volume. The idea is to stimulate a muscle but not kill it in each session. I wonder if you were doing too much volume each day… Especially after seeing your new split where you want to do 8 sets of 3 on 3 pressing movements in one day.


I do all the movements, sets, and reps prescribed in CTs Best Damn Workout for Natties. The only thing I do outside of that is adding a few rounds of loaded carries. The sets and reps I have listed above are the prescribed sets and reps given by CT in built like a BB, perform like an athlete. I cannot give an answer as to why I am so drained. I eat enough, get good sleep, I can’t afford supplements like everyone else but that’s a lame excuse. I’ll just stick with what works for me. High volume, Low frequency. And the 8x3 sets are sub max. Only the 5x3 are max effort