Can't Handle Clomid. Worth Trying Nolvadex?

If somebody(like me) cannot handle the side effects of clomid is it worth to try novaldex?

I heard most people say nova has worse side effects, however some claim the other way. Will novaldex lower estrogen? Mine is quite low already. Does it also increase SHBG like clomid?

In fact what is the difference between the two? I understand nova also blocks the estrogen receptor stimulating more production of LH

Something interesting:

" But this is not all that scientists have learned. During the experiments aimed at stimulating the synthesis of gonadoliberin, it was found that the drugs mentioned above have completely different effects. So can athletes not be mistaken, believing that Nolvadex is a more powerful drug, and in general that it should be taken for other purposes than Clomiphene ? Let’s find out.

In the tests, 100 g of gonadoliberin was administered to volunteers and the amount of LH synthesized was measured. Thus, scientists tried to find out how much the sensitivity of the pituitary gland to this substance, if you enter Nolvadex or a clomiphene similar to it. This was done for one simple reason: as is known, the more sensitive the pituitary gland, the more LH synthesized, and, consequently, the higher the level of secreted testosterone.

This means that the more effective the drug contributes to the action of gonadoliberin, the more it affects the restoration of the level of the male hormone.

The results of the test are as follows: the use of Nolvadex within 10 days increased the sensitivity of the pituitary gland to gonadoliberin several times in comparison with the usual parameters. Clomiphene, in turn, had the opposite effect. That is, the sensitivity of the pituitary gland at the time of its reception has decreased on the contrary.

The dosage of Nolvadex and the rival drug was taken to be comparable in capacity (20 and 50 mg). The result of all of the above is simple: Tamoxifen copes better with increasing the sensitivity of the pituitary gland, and therefore, more affects the secretion of LH and testosterone in the male body, rather than its competitor."

Why do you need an estrogen modulator? Especially if your E2 is low according to your claims.

I need to boost my pituitary to produce more LH or at least try

Nolva is better at stimulating LH and Clomid is better at stimulating FSH.

Clomid, unlike Nolva, can act like an estrogen or anti-estrogen depending on the tissue that it is in. At the pituitary it can act like an estrogen, and thats why you feel like this.

I think SERM’s are toxic and there is very little use for them, in fact I would argue short term an AI would be less toxic and more efficient at stimulating LH.

There is a newer 3rd SERM and some celebrate that it is much easier on the body and still works, Toremifene Citrate. I have never tried it.

Hope this helps.

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Do you think Nolva could have less side effects on someone that feels shitty on clomid?

Why if serms are so bad Defy for example prescribe them as long term solution for optimizing t in patients that want to preserve fertility?

According to their opinion as I understood it correct they are pretty safe if used in low dosages.

40mg Nolvadex was pretty rough on me. 20mg Nolvadex seemed like I wasn’t taking anything at all. I was taking it for a different application but I’d stick to no more than 20mg a day. The 40mg made me feel bad at around the beginning of the 3rd week. I see where people take 40mg the first 2 weeks and then drop to 20mg for pct so that makes sense

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Does nolva reduce e2?

It binds to estrogen at certain sites (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) . The one we place the most importance on is the breast for gyno reasons. It doesn’t inhibit E2 as a whole like an AI would. The plus is less chance of gyno without risking tanking your estrogen.

This is good. My e2 is already low and wouldnt want to further reduce it. The clomid increased e2 proportionally with testosterone hope it works the same way. AI i will not take for sure

How long have you taken the Nova in 20mg and with what purpose and what was the result?

Took nolva 20mg for 4 weeks and then upped to 40mg to see its effect on previous small gyno. Couldn’t really tell if it did anything as it’s so small it’s hard to tell its there anyway. The 40mg made me feel so bad I stopped it. 20mg has no adverse effect on me.