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Can't Good Morning Heavy

i am taking time off from deadlifting by doing good mornings. ive not made progress on my deadlift in a long while, but i added twenty pounds to my squat quick. so cant gm even though bending my knees helps, i cant go past my 10rm. i work really hard on my form. wide stance, arched back, well bent knees, weight on the heels. but once add ten pounds to my 10rm by back instantly rounds. i ignored it the first time, i was glad that i could handle the weight when i learned to bend my knees, even though my back rounded, which instantly hurts, i could go up to 225, but i was terribly sore the entire week after. i assume since rounding the lower back stretched the muscles whilst contracting.

I’m having trouble following this, it is very hard to understand. If you added twenty pounds to your squat, what is the problem? Are you asking a question?

You rounded your back, which could have exposed you to any wide variety of back conditions. You need to rehab it, since you were using so much weight. I ripped the hell out of my serratus posterior inferior from snatching with a rounded back, and now I’m out of the weight room for a week at least. You just can’t let that happen, ever.

Other than that, studying and improving your form will be the most beneficial thing you can do at this point. The most common errors people have on good mornings is that they bend their knees too much or don’t brace their core properly. You could be doing something else, of course. Get on exrx.com and check it.

perhaps your going down to low and losing tightness witch leads to rounding of the back? i see allot of people in the gym bending over to low and fucking it up,am not saying you are but am just throwing it out there. a video of you doing good mornings would help?

Isn’t good mornings more for the hamstrings? If you’re taking a break from dead lifts, why not do some power cleans instead?

Good mornings are both for you hammys and lower back

Check this out this article and video


It has a lot of useful information regarding the GM and dos and donts. It also talks about using resistance bands. I have been using resistance bands for sometime now, although i still workout with weights, bands have greatly improved weak points and sticking points of my lifts. Also remember and this guy talks about it is to keep a stomach full of air, one of the reasons we see powerlifters where belts is to train themselves to push the stomach out… CIO i think beginners and advance lifters could benefit from this EVERYONE NEEDS A STRONG BACK A STRONG POSTERIOR AND CORE ARE SOME THE MOST IMPORTANT STRENGTHS TO HAVE AS AN ATHLETE

If you can’t add 10 pounds, add 5? or 2.5?