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Can't Get TRT, Prohormones?


guys 40 and over, if you can't get your Dr to prescribe TRT, anyone have any success with OTC pro-Hormones?


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[quote]Ruged wrote:
guys 40 and over, if you can’t get your Dr to prescribe TRT, anyone have any success with OTC pro-Hormones?

Have you tried going to another/other doctors?

Also, how high were your estrogen readings? There are some options for you if the estradiol levels were high on your blood test. Maybe a little more information would help?


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
No dude. No. No. No.

You don’t really understand the whole TRT deal do you. Testosterone is what your body produces naturally. Pro-hormones are utter shite, that will stress your liver to the point of destruction, if you run them for long enough.


check the thread in strngth sports forum for Eric Lilliebridge, granted he’s a youngster but that’s where I got thinking about pro-Hormones.


Once again:
No. No. No. If your T level is questionable now, and you throw something in your body that stops T production, you may stop what little T production you now have. It’s different for us old guys, than it is for the youngsters. Try not to forget that.


If your family doc won’t help you , there are MANY that will. HRT should be used to alleviate suffering and make you feel good again. Who the fuck cares if some statistical set of data derived from the general population says you should feel “fine”. If you don’t then something is wrong, could be T could be other things, you need to be working with a doctor that understands functional medicine and will actually care enough to listen and help you out.


If you can get your doc to agree to regular testing, you can try some things on your own to improve T,E and anything else that might be out of whack. This is what I am doing:

Address diet, sleep (Z-12), ZMA, Flameout.
Retest - improved T and Chol
Retest - not expecting much
Adex - starting this as soon as I can get in for a test first.
Alpha Male
Maybe try some other stuff and cycle what works.