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Can't get the damn weight up....

I wanted to do 5X5 with some moderately heavy weight today and when I wanted to do Incline dumbbell press,I got the weight,but I could not lift it up to “pressing position” from my thighs…how do I get it up? I know I can press the weight but I think I might need to strengthen my arms or something so I can get in my starting position? Some guys “kick” the weight up but I can’t seem to get it right,or is that the only way? Thanks.

I put the dumbbell on my knee lengthwise (pointing towards the ceiling).
Now as I thrust the dumbbell up with my thigh, I simultaneously perform
a hammer curl …Then I rest the first dumbbell on my shoulder and repeat
with the other side… I hope this helps… Practice makes perfect; give it time.
you’ll get it!

Just heave with you thigh as you pull with your arms, one at a time.

Oh,maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong…I was trying to do both dbells at the same time.
Thanks,will try your methods.

a training partner could hand them to you.