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Can't Get Rid of Fat on Hips

So I’ve been lifting for around a year on and off due to financial reasons, but finally have a whole year of uninterrupted lifting ahead of me.

5’10, 200 lbs right now. Used to weight ~245 last summer, but started hitting the gym and lost some weight.

The only place where I haven’t lost is my love handles- they just seem to keep getting bigger.

I did blood tests a while ago to check blood sugar levels, gonna post the results just in case:

Glucose Serum Fasting: 5.1 mmol


3.6-6.0 - normal fasting glucose
6.1-6.9 impaired fasting glucose

6.9 provisional diagnosis of diabetes

Hemoglobin A1C - 0.052


Non-diabetic; 0.040 - 0.060
Optimal Control < 0.070
Sub-optimal control 0.070 - 0.084
Inadequate control: >0.084

I got my test level checked just in-case

16.5 nmols/L

Mean Range is 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/L

Currently on EC stack, started lifting again on a 500 cal deficit.
Body measurements are as followed:

Waist : 39 inches (I wear 34 jeans though… maybe I did it wrong?)
Hips ; 42.5 inches

I got broad shoulders for someone with not that much lifting experience, but the manhandles ruin it for me. I couldn’t care about having a gut, but those things make me so self conscious about taking my shirt off.

What should I do :frowning:

Im in the same boat man, all you can do is continue to lose weight.

Agree with above^^^

You can not selectively lose weight in one particular area. Your body has places that it likes to store fat and those will be the last places your body will lose fat. The only way to get rid of them will be to lower your bf% some more.

yeah I’m in the same boat but there’s no way to force fat loss in one region :frowning: I wish my gut would get smaller but no, it’s all coming off my ass and arms first.

How much fruit are you eating? How about regular sugar?

^^ That—may wanna try carb cycling

[quote]BuildingUP wrote:
^^ That—may wanna try carb cycling[/quote]

I don’t eat lots of fruits - maybe a banana and another fruit daily.

Going to post pics… can’t sleep because they seem bigger than usual tonight…

Doesn’t really look to me like an odd distribution of fat, you just have wide hips and you’re carrying some fat everywhere. You’ll always have wide hips, sorry about your luck (I do too), but when you’re leaner and you’re carrying more muscle it’ll look a whole lot better.

After seeing your photos, I doubt it’s as big of a problem as what you think. Yes, you carry some fat around your hip area but it’s not terrible by any means.

If your fasting test came back at 5.1, that’s not so bad and within the normal range. I don’t know but I doubt that’s your problem. My 2 hour postprandial is 3.1 - that’s low. I can only compare to my own experience but I’m not sure if it’s the blood sugar that affects the weight directly or more just that your energy levels are low and therefor, at times, makes you not able to push yourself as much as you would like and that contributes to a more difficult time losing fat. Absolutely nothing scientific to back that up; it’s based only on my own observations.

Add some more muscle and have your carbs around the time you workout.