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Can't get MD6 in Texas WTF?


I just got a call from Biotest saying they can't deliver MD6 to Texas. What the hell is that about? They sell BetaLean and Xenedrine and any other ephedra based product in the stores here. Anyone else have this problem and know how to get around it?


Happen to me. I ordered it to a different state, where my relatives live, then they mail it to me. The easy way to order the product is order from a different company, such as outlet. Biotest does follow the law which surprise me since all the other companies sell in Texas.


GNC in Abilene, TX sells it.


You can probably get it from Supplement Warehouse in Houston. I work for Supplement Warehouse in Provo and we sell it.


Yeah, I was thinking that one of the other online supplement places would turn a blind eye to such things. I guess Biotest needs to keep there nose clean. I live in Houston so Abilene is a little farther than I want to go. Doesn't Shugs live in Texas, wonder how he gets it, probably hand delivered wrapped in gold foil.


Don't stop with just finding a way to get MD6 into Texas. If there's a state law against it, take these simple steps: 1) find your local state representative's number, 2) call the rep's office and ask if the rep voted for the law prohibiting it, and 3) if he/she was for the law, send the rep a post card explaining that you will vote against him/her in the next election unless the law is repealed. Trust me, they DO keep track of opinion letters.

I hate to have to say it, but stupid laws will continue to be enacted unless the average person complains.


My buds order it online, netrition or dpsnutrition, I think, and get it no problem. They live in Dallas.


I go to the local store beside my gym(Smoothy FActory?) and got it.Many biotest stuff!WOHOO!