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Can't Get Lean


....new to the forum....not sure where to get some of my questions answered
I have been training with weights and martial arts for about 25 years
first: dieting, cross training and then years of medically supervised testosterone hrt, synthroid, phentermine, and recently victoza ...I just cant get LEAN!...just bigger.
right now id like to focus on the chemical aspect. Where should I post first?


Hi, welcome to the forums. This is a good place to start posting.

Can I ask you a little more about yourself? Could you say what your diet is? What, exactly, did you eat yesterday (WEDYEY?) What is your training schedule specifically? Have you ever been lean? Age? Weight? Height? Is your profile correct? Basically, can you fill us in on the "basics" so we can check those off and give you specific, informed advice.


Chances are if you want to post on the chemical aspect, the Steroids Forum might be a better place to ask around. This is the Beginner's Forum.

Gambit Lost has a good set of questions for you however; please answer those if you want to continue this thread here.


99% of people who "can't get lean" have a shit diet. Willing to bet that yours is no different...even if you think you're eating properly.

So what IS an average day of food like for you?


u nead to fix your diet